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Top CRM Software

Top Customer Relationship Management Software.


Let us help you choose the best CRM Software for your business today…


After all, there are so many similar great pieces of software that all seemingly provide the ideal solution for specific tasks. And yes, they all do the same thing. But how do we choose between one piece of software and another that’s right for you? Is it just a matter of circumstance, or adopting existing software used within a business or organization we have joined?

Mental Ergonomics & CRM Software

There is one thing that is for sure, not all software provides the same ‘mental ergonomics’ (if that makes sense). Allow me to elaborate. 

If you can, for a moment, consider the idea of creating a cognitive or mental environment that is comfortable, efficient, and conducive to well-being, and allows users to seamlessly adopt workflows, processes, or systems in a way that minimizes cognitive strain, stress, or mental fatigue. 

And that’s why we believe an individual’s temperament is an important aspect to consider when choosing software. 

For example, concerning the use of graphic design software, some people are more inclined to opt for an interface that has a constrained approach to precision design, while others prefer a looser, freehand, and intuitive approach. 

Indeed, the new era of digital and remote workers will probably already be familiar with, hence the reason for my ‘teasing’ introduction.

Start “monday” Today


Now, to cut a long story short, eventually, if success is following you, and you are fortunate enough to have customers banging your virtual doors. Then you too will probably need a Customer Relationship Management platform. 

A good CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) software, will help you prioritise, and streamline, the flow of tasks you need to undertake, it’s the tool for the likes of project managers, and is perfect for those entrepreneurial, remote working type situations.



Simple board Sales pipeline CRM

You’re introduced to a CRM platform that is simple to set up and easy to use.

Plus, it allows you to handle practically all your work from one place. 

Now, you could argue that its all a matter of familiarising yourself. And whilst this is partially true to be blunt, it’s what people are saying about the monday CRM platform that will intrigue you most. 

You know, the odd familiar remark that reminds you of a situation you’ve encountered in the past, or some of the existing irritations you may be enduring with your current CRM, if you have one.

A lot of the remarks are relatable, whether or not you’ve actually used a CRM platform before.

The monday CRM platform is easily expandable to accommodate additional customised features. And is ideal for helping you keep on top of various activities and observing progress concerning your business. 

For example;

– plan and track campaigns and projects
– visualise your customer journey or funnels
– identify issues and weak spots
– collaborate intuitively with colleagues


It doesn’t take much to work out that most of the typical project management queries have been addressed or at least can be customised in some way. 

So, based on what has really been a first time look aat the CRM,  there isn’t any doubt that this is amongst the best of the customer relationship management platforms available.