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2 Latest e-learning tips for beyond 2021
Take your pick; red or blue pill.


Then Build an Online Course.

 Start the ball rolling towards new goals. 

An obviously natural way to start sharing your knowledge is through teaching others. You can create a virtual classroom from anywhere you have internet connect…

And things couldn’t be any easier than todays methods for getting started. Even as a complete novice you can shortcut the technical roadblocks preventing you from making those crucial first steps.

The following are two of our latest e-learning trends, that we find both impressive, and something that you can action right away.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. 

– Kofi Annan

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where sharing your knowledge is business

Typically, your most attainable online business ideas are based on your  individual knowledge and experience.

Of course, you can always learn something new, and then share what you have just learned.  However, there is nothing more compelling than authentically ‘rolling out’ with information on a subject that you actually know about, one which you have that ‘intrinsic’ knowledge or passion for.

Which is why creating an online course can also be an enjoyable, empowering and rewarding experience. You see, along with your existing knowledge and expertise there is always room for learning something new to add to existing knowledge.

Your first-hand knowledge can go a long way

Think about it, without the geographical limits of the past, i.e. pre-internet, you now have a greater opportunity to bring your online classroom to hundreds, if not thousands, or more, people around the globe. All craving for the type of first-hand experience and knowledge you might have to share.

Teachable provides a simple way for even those without advanced technical skills to create and sell online courses.

The Quickstart Guide to Selling Your Knowledge Online with Teachable is the perfect guide for learning more about Teachable and how to use it for getting your online course business off the ground.

Why not take this opportunity to start a real online course business today, by  joining the Teachable webinar:

What you will learn:

  • Build a course inside the Teachable platform 
  • Customise your site with you own branding and colours 
  • Publish services and set up payments 
  • Structure your pricing options 
  • Organise your course content and upload videos 
  • Build a sales page

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Thrive Apprentice

Full Visual Editing Course Builder

Build Online Courses with Full Visual Editing in WordPress.

Probably the first WordPress full visual editing course builder

One of the tell-tale signs that the software you are using is a good buy, is when the developers use the software themselves. Not only are they normally on top of what may be wrong, but also what’s missing and how the software can be improved.

Apprentice and Thrive Suite all-in-one

Thrive Suite answers a great many ‘hurdles’ for anyone considering starting an online course. 

First of all, the technical issues regarding which platform to use and how to restrict access to non paying subscribers, for example, is answered. Because,“Straight out of the box” you can use Thrive Apprentice to manage your courses content whilst building in a drag and drop visual environment.

And finally, promoting your course and reaching the right audience. Well, we all know that the Thrive Suite is famous for its conversion focused tools and you’ll currently have 10 plugins to choose from, that all work nicely together. 

Thrive Suite has the lot; you can start collecting leads using Thrive Leads, gather a responsive audience with quizzes, Optimise your plus so much more.

So, the big question is; How do I get started?

To get started with Thrive Apprentice you will need to install the Thrive Suite Product Manager. This will give you access to the full Thrive Suite of plugins, and the amazing Thrive Theme Builder.

What you will be able to do:

  • Design your course visually with full visual editing
  • Manage and restrict content access (to paying members only for example). 
  • Fully customise content with images, videos, and downloads.
  • Build related sales pages
  • Accepts online payments

As part of the effort to ensure that users make the most of Thrive Suite. You will not be short of free online courses or tutorials on the latest conversion focused tools and content marketing tips.

Get Thrive University

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