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Kay Samuel-Francis

Luminar AI Update 3 with M1 Support

The Best of Luminar AI: Free Update for Existing Luminar AI Users. Luminar AI Update 3 Enhancements Include; Better Sky Positioning and Alignment, M1 and HEIC Support, Awesome Reflection and Relighting

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Kay Samuel-Francis

Best of Print-on-Demand

Best of Print-on-demand Real software and platform solution for print-on-demand and customer fulfilment.  A FEATURED POST One of the first roadblocks for most people just

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Kay Samuel-Francis

iFun Screen Recorder App

Restriction Free; iFun Screen Recorder also supports tasks such as cutting and trimming and one click uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

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Kay Samuel-Francis

2021 Creative Market Downloads

Software Folder dot Design | BUSINESS 2021 Creative Market Downloads Creative assets from around the world at your fingertips A Creative Market for the Future.

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About Software Folder Blog

Creativity & Technology

At we blog about creativity and software because we know that sometimes people that maybe; look alike, share similar interests or passions, or even appear to behave the same do not always like the same things… 

People in creative industries are different...

Some of us for example may handle a chaotic appearing workflow and call it ‘multi-tasking’, while others may prefer a step by step methodical workflow.

Over time, you too may have come to the conclusion that there are different software interfaces, which either keep you focused on what you have at hand, or, distracts you with a number of different items of information at a time.

Your personal preference of creativity software, whether for graphics, web or content marketing may all depend on what you already know. And the “the creative industry”  can sometimes have your attention locked into old methods of working, and thinking.

What exactly is the creative industry anyway?

While describing what exactly “the creative industry” is, might raise question and debate. I strongly get the feeling that if you were to ask a layman on the subject. You’d probably get an answer surrounding the idea of having something to do with being artistic or skilful. 

Well, they wouldn’t be far from being correct according to John Anthony Howkins’ creative economy, which comprises of;



performing arts,
toys and
TV and
radio, and
video games

Software for different people in creative industries

I have always felt that the best software for creative people is dependent on individual temperament. Some people like loose free flowing interfaces, while others deal better with the kind of interface that forces you to focus on intricate detail.

Fortunately, a lot of software today are fairly intuitive and follow practices of use that people have become familiar with. Therefore, jumping from one software platform to another is often a relatively easy thing to do.

 However, we can still sometimes miss out on better software solutions for producing creative works more efficiently and enjoyably. Besides, it’s not really about the software (or is it? ), it’s about the creativity and innovation for which you are using software that matters. And most of all, what it is you are aiming to achieve?


Regardless, there is nothing more satisfying than software that works just as you want and takes away the need for laborious and repetitive tasks, leaving you with more time and space for truly being creative… and answering those briefs! (lol)


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