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Practical SaaS: WordPress Plugins – Part One. 

SOFTWARE FOLDER | BUSINESS ★★★★★ 4.5/5 Do ‘premium’ plugins cost too much? For the myriad of WordPress plugins I have come across, it does make me wonder – How do they all survive, and is the SaaS business model an inevitable one for sustainability?  Maybe Elementor, one of the leading visual web page editing plugins …

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SetApp: No.1 Software For Every Possible Task.

Task or Apps, Which Came First? A Software Folder Introduction to SetApp ANSWERS BELOW SUBSCRIBE Task or Tool – Which Came First? Creative image editor What is Setapp? How much does Setapp cost? Check for special deal Conclusion Why Setapp? GET GEMINI PHOTOS SetApp: Putting Tasks Before Tools. Task or Tool, Which Came First? Over …

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Luminar Neo Official Launch

Luminar Neo Official Release Succeeding previous versions, Luminar Neo was officially released in February 2022.   TABLE of CONTENTS WINDOWS HotFIX FAQ & TROUBLESHOOTING START HERE Table of Contents Now with lifetime license… textures…. overlays “There is a fine line between the photo you took and the photo you imagined. Often, small details make the difference. …

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Which Windows Graphics Software Roundup?

Windows Graphics software roundup just for our many friends, new readers and subscribers START HERE This is how we roll… rate explore inspire Windows Graphics Software for Mac… As a Mac user it’s inevitable that I’d favour talking about Mac related software. However, it seems that I have a lot more friends who use and …

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How I Use Luminar Neo

Luminar NEO IMAGE EDITING …it can be the perfect “finishing” tool with very, very powerful features… software solutions and recommendations for creatively driven people… How I Use Luminar Neo Facebook Twitter LinkedIn From the various social media comments I have come across, regarding the new release of Luminar Neo, it’s easy to realise just how …

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