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Tailored for creators, focuses on creativity and marketing software from a designers perspective. Topics include photo-editing, web design, content creation, promotional marketing tools and strategies. The following is a compilation of both value for money online and desktop applications, and why they are useful.

Website Design & Accessibility

Learn how to design, build, and launch responsive websites...

Webflow 101 crash course

get started on building your first website, without learning or writing code.
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Membership Site?

Affordable, but powerful WordPress plugin...

Meet Membermouse

Sell your products, protect your content and manage members...
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Website in a Weekend

Familiarise yourself with a Pro WordPress Suite of tools...

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Photography and Editing

Imagely NextGEN Suite

Skylum Software

Website Design & Development


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Hard Drive Maintenance


Protect your Mac from malware and perform all the essential maintenance for keeping your computer at its most optimum state. 

hard drive passport 4tb

Portable Hard Drives

Besides cloud storage. It is always advisable to have backups of all your files, and especially if you work whilst on the move. 

This is where a good portable hard drive comes handy.

Fortunately, today you can buy high capacity storage, 2.5″ portable hard drives at relatively affordable prices.

• 1 terabyte  (TB) approx:* $60 USD
• 2 terabytes (TB) approx:* $150 USD
• 4 terabytes (TB) approx:* $250 USD

* based on lowest prices found for most reputable brands at time of publishing.

wd red 800

Wireless Hard Drives

Wireless USB Drives

Using a wireless hard drive as a type of server is a great way to access your files on tap whilst sharing with other devices and users.

Wireless hard drives are battery operated and are accessed via WiFi or Bluetooth.

STmagic SPT31 2TB Wireless Portable Mini M 2 SSD Gray 893986



WP QuickStart Membership Sites.

How to lock away your exclusive content. And allow access to valued members.
Membership Sites with WP QuickStarter eliminates the heavy lifting that takes place behind the scenes. Overall, the

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Framer is suitably equipped for producing designs for any device. For example, create prototypes for conventional web and desktop apps, as well as apps for Androids, iPhones, tablets and watches.

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Web Design and Prototyping with moqups.

FEATURED PRODUCT Templates A visual collaboration tool that allows seamless navigation between diagrams, wireframes and prototypes. FEATURED POST SEE PRICING diagram showing intended user journey… Table

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Thrive Apprentice Course Builder

Welcome to Absolute (Full) Visual Editing Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Introducing The Thrive Apprentice Learning Management System

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Disclosure: Please bear in mind that some of the links on this site may be sponsored links and if you make a purchase I may earn a commission. Please also keep in mind that the companies and the products I mention are ones that I use myself, or have tried. And are mentioned for their quality or usefulness I have experienced myself


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