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Freshdesk Explained

Freshdesk offers a range of features to enhance customer service, such as ticket management, automation, knowledge base, and reporting. It allows businesses to categorize and prioritize tickets, assign them to agents, and track their progress. Automation features help streamline repetitive tasks, while the knowledge base allows businesses to create and share self-service resources for customers.

Now, wouldn’t it be cool if you had access to an easy to implement, all-in-one, omni-channel customer care, and marketing app at your disposal. Well, here it is…

Freshdesk Customer Service Software (CSS)

Freshdesk and other Freshworks tools allows you to efficiently assist customers via email, website, phone, chat, social media and services like Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp.

Overall, Freshdesk provides the flexibility required to meet the evolving demands of modern customer service, whether it is ticket management, workflow automation, or real-time customer engagement. Freshdesk also automates the process of sending feedback forms after each resolution in order to gauge customer satisfaction.

Freddy AI

With AI-powered automations at its core, Freshdesk enables teams to operate efficiently, increasing productivity and accuracy by assisting agents with precise resolutions at every step. With robust API integrations for over 650 cutting-edge applications from the Freshdesk Marketplace, find the support workflows, CRM, and billing systems for you specific needs.

Now, while on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, Freddy AI happens to be the engine behind the Freshdesk Assist Bot. You can learn more about Freddy AI here.

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Software Integrations

Please check the Freshworks website for latest integrations and other updates.


Task Automation


Team Collaboration

Reports and Analytics

Social Media Management



WhatsApp Business




Shopify, SEOshop, Bigcommerce, eBay

Slack, Office 365, Microsoft Teams

Woopra and GoodData integration


Manage Magento customer requests using Freshdesk and access Magento Details in Freshdesk

Access Contact Details & Create Tickets from within Salesforce

WhatsApp Business Integration with Freshdesk

Introduction to Freshdesk-Freshservice integration, setting up the integration (Admins), syncing ticket field and properties between Freshdesk and Freshservice


Google Apps


Engineering and support

Sales and support



Email Marketing

Cloud Storage


Customer Feedback


Telephony Service


Single sign-on, Google Contacts, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts

Integrate live-chat from your website and apps

JIRA plus, Pivotal Tracker, and JIRA 

Nimble CRM, Zoho CRM, Dynamics CRM, Infusionsoft, and FullContact

Harvest, QuickBooks, and Xero

LogMeIn Rescue


Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive 

Convert WordPress comments to Freshdesk tickets

Survey Monkey

Ilos Video

Computer Telephony Integration Framework, Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Five9, Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Genesys, Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Aircall, Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Amazon Connect

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