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Kissed by Luminar

A Gallery of Luminar Edited Photography

“Bringing ideas to life is the challenge creators face on almost every project. At Software Folder not only do we inspire creators with tips and creative resource. We inspire by example…”

Even Peas Can Look Beautiful

An Evolutionary Approach to Photo Editing for Professionals and YOU.

Ever since I first used…actually, it was Aurora HDR. Anyway, it was then that I was introduced to Skylum’s software Luminar photo editing software.

PicFair Photolibrary

Flowering Pea SQ Framed Image
So, juggling for a while between the more popular photo editing software at the time, the sleek, uncluttered and direct solution approach behind Luminar soon made it our first choice image editing app.

About Skylum

SQ Framed Image Template
There are many good things to be said about Luminar, however, it is often the very simple things that make you notice just how thoughtful this software really is.

See Extensions

leaf droplets SQ Framed Image Template
For example, with consistency, produce images for branding projects with ease, or at least, more intuitively… (actually, you might need to know, it’s mouse right click and copy or paste adjustments)

See here…

anise skinside SQ Framed Image Template
The creative photographer and graphic artist are sure to find Luminar Neo’s handing of images to be a satisfying experience…

Creative Photography

Sunset Biker SQ Framed Image Template
Where conventional image editing would require, sometimes, hours of fiddling with layers, and other items. Luminar saves you time…

Masking with AI

Wax Apple
Compose images with sky backgrounds to fit that mood you’re after.

Sky AI

lill n bowl
Make those harmonic colors sing with more definition and clarity, if you like…

Luminar Neo

aloa kissed SQ Framed Image Template
Motivated both by the environment and camera at hand, capturing moments, weird angles, and those unexpected events, with an image in mind of how the final piece will look…

Creative Photography

www web SQ Framed Image Template
Sometimes, you have lucky discoveries. Who would have ever thought that www and a spiders web really had something in common…

Masking with AI

underground SQ Framed Image Template
As I said, compose images with sky backgrounds to fit that mood you’re after.

Sky AI

wood pigeon SQ Framed Image Template
From blue to star lit skies, tell your story with evocative images…

Luminar Neo

World Class Image Editing

Next Generation Optics?

You’re about to experience photo-editing at its best..