About Skylum

Founded in 2000, Skylum is a global imaging technology company dedicated to creating tools that simplify the work of creatives.

The goal of Skylum is to provide creatives with tools that make their work easier.

Aside from winning the 2021 Red Dot Award for LuminarAI, Apple’s Best of Year, “Best Imaging Software” by TIPA and EISA, Skylum has received many other top industry awards.

Skylum Software History

Just some of the software names you may have come across.

Aurora HDR


Luminar Flex


Air Magic

Luminar AI


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With the release of Luminar Neo 1.2.0, besides the return of the Dodge and Burn tool, Skylum introduces a modular approach for extending the capabilities of Luminar Neo, through the addition of Extensions.

Learn what (HDR) High Dynamic Range Photography is and how to achieve HDR with a single image.

Have you ever wondered how some photos have that magical ambience of colour and detail?

And no matter how near you feel you get to achieving similar results, you don’t quite get there.

Well the simple answer in this case, is to apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography techniques. Which you can, fortunately, now achieve satisfying results even faster with Luminar Neo