Why masking in Neo is better?

Feature Highlight Automatically mask up to 9 types of elements in a click: humans, transport, buildings, water, etc.

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Luminar Neo 1.0.6 has landed.

Just as the enthusiasm and popularity of NFT Photography started to grow, we are pleasantly distracted yet again, as Skylum software releases what can be considered the second most significant update since the launch of Luminar Neo back in February 2022.

Impressed with the recent re-introduction of Layers, Luminar Neo is most certainly cut out for becoming the definitive image editor for creative photo artists.

Trying the new AI Mask under the Masking tab will have you in suspense. First presenting you with an animated display of pulsating geometric lines, as the AI engine does its thing at processing your image. 

Then a selection of masking options. In this case; Water, Mountains and Natural Ground.

Yes, the AI will actually attempt at suggesting which type of masking is appropriate for your image.

 For example, in another image we played with, of a sky and sign post. 

The AI was clever enough to tell the difference between the sky and sign post and by just clicking the “Sky” suggestion highlights the masked area of your image.



Luminar Neo AI Masking...


Photo Credits:

© inlovepia, © Max Rive, © JamesGroup, ©softwarefolder

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