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Is there a difference between a Photo Artist and a Professional Photographer?

Photography is one of the essential ‘creative’ components used for communicating messages and stories in a number of different ways. We are exposed to photography in some form almost every day, in both a commercial and personal context.

For example, the magazines, newspapers, billboards and posters we encounter as we travel from one destination to another. You will encounter photography used in some way to help convey a message (or tell a story).

Now, whilst anyone may be able to ‘take’ a photo, there is normally an undeniable difference between a professionally taken photo, versus a photo  taken without the considerations normally made by a professional photographer.


Do “Photo Artist” Need A Natural Eye for Aesthetics, or Can Taking Beautiful Photos be Learned?

Creating great looking images does not always require the hands of a professional or established photographer. 

The “Photo Artist” can be someone with a background in producing creative works; graphics, multi-media, or simply a creative individual with the skills and a keen eye for what works. Often these types of individuals will at least be pretty versed with photography rudiments.

With that said, it should not be taken that photo-editing is the bane of truly crafting great looking photos. However, remember that at the same time photo-editing software will NOT magically turn your ‘snap’ photography into masterpieces. 

Photo Editing software however,  will help with enhancing the quality of your photos, and especially with machine learning technology behind it. Photo editing software will allow you to quickly achieve so much more in terms of beautifying your photos with minimal effort.

Besides the subject matter, there is something more about a great looking, attention grabbing photo. It’s the look, the feel, the colours (or lack of ) that makes a compelling photo command attention or an emotional response.

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Intelligent Photo Editing

Now, forget everything I have said above, apart from the bit about machine learning technology. Because this is where the cutting-edge photo editing apps for Mac step in. Namely, Luminar 4 and Aurora HDR, two relatively fresh, but professional offerings for Mac by Skylum Software (formerly MacPhun).

If of course, like most professional photographers,  you use Adobe’s Creative Cloud software. Both of Skylum’s Photo Editors work as a standalone or plugin extension with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, so to benefit from the most significant features you probably will not have to interrupt your current workflow.

Now, the difference between the two Skylum applications is that with Aurora HDR you are equipped with tools for handling, “bracketing”. Typically, this is to  accomplish a High Dynamic Range, or “image data“,  by combining multiple exposures of a single photographic image. (Learn about HDR in more detail)

Luminar 4 and upwards, on the other hand, is a more general photo enhancer and editing app with a range of dedicated tools for portrait and landscape photography, and everything else in-between.

Personally, I have no hesitation in recommending Skylum software, and find especially Luminar, which I now use mostly for quick colour and detail enhancements, as well as editing the mood of my images, to be an essential photo editing tool. Even for  salvaging my “okay” photos.

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