COVID19’s Remote Working Legacy

What has COVID19 taught us about remote working? And why was this Pandemic different than previous?


Remote Work & Recruiting:
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A lot can be observed and learned from the COVID 19 Pandemic. You see, most of the ways in which different Countries and their governments responded to the news of the COVID19 virus, probably wasn’t that much different from most other prominent and similar situations of Pandemics or even Epidemics of the past. If anything, the World was probably (or should have been) more prepared than past cases.

However, there was something very different about the Pandemic of 2019 onwards. Can you guess what it is?


First “Internet Era” Pandemic.

Yes, because it was the first major disaster of its kind to occur during this “Internet Era”. That is; at a time when news and information travels faster than ever before, and from many, both reliable and unreliable sources.

Today, we are inundated with receiving information from far more sources than is “natural” And at a rate, that may not appropriately allow time for thought processing or research.

Nonetheless, it was during the practice of “social distancing” that using the internet became the most practical and convenient means for people to communicate remotely, as well as conduct real world activities, such as; teaching, performing transactions, and access to essential products and services.

But then, there is also the big concern with internet security and privacy.

So, what we have learned about remote working?

The importance of being able to adopt to the practice of remote working has became more and more evident. Businesses need to be more flexible than ever before and respond to the convenience their customers demand. As well as answering to competition.

However, in order to be accepted by an audience, the online navigation of an app or businesses website needs provide a seamless experience; without hitches and doubtful security.

Fortunately, building and maintaining such an experience doesn’t have to be overly complicated as you might first think. Especially with some of the clever, or well designed, software suites and integrations available.

With software at the core, it was during COVID19 that we have been able to vigorously demonstrate the importance and practical aspects of remote working capabilities and the Internet. Remote Enabling Software 

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