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“The obvious ingredient at the centre of every remote platform is software (“pandemic proof software”). Software that allows users to action physical world activities and interaction from a distance…”

A good example of this type of software can be found with the use of apps such as the unsuspecting DropBox

With its less known features, besides allowing the remote sharing and collaborative proofing of documents and images, Dropbox (Watch This Space) may now be venturing the e-commerce arena for apps that allow users the capability of selling both digital and physical products via its platform ( see advanced access ).

Software Learning Curve

Now, today, whilst it might seem quite obvious that the most successful and popular new software tools being adopted are the ones that conveniently exposes people to alternative ways of getting ‘things’ done without a steep learning curve.

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Which is why it was no surprise that during the early days of the COVID19 pandemic, that software offerings such as Zoom, the video conferencing app, really took-off in terms of popularity and as the go-to tool for meetings and virtual gatherings.

The following is a list of other types of software tools that also made some extra headway during the COVID19 pandemic;

Remote Recruiting

Now, where it comes to remote collaboration and recruiting, this can occur in a number of ways, from simply reaching out to an acquainted individual or audience on a social media platform, to submitting an ad with an online recruiting app.

So, where it comes to finding candidates to work with, as well as be better prepared for advertising with the likes of Google Ads, Bing (Microsoft) Ads, or any of the social media advertising platforms, such as LinkedIn, having some form of online profile or website can be of great benefit.

Now, If you DO NOT manage your own website, then you may need to rely on social media, or stick to traditional advertising, in say, an industry magazine or local newspaper. But hey, you’re here to learn about recruiting remotely, so you might also want to consider using a recruitment agency that  provides services aligned with the internet and digital media.

If you do manage your own website, then at least you will have control of branding and customisation, plus a consistent place for sending an audience to view your promoted campaigns and other relevant content you may have on your website.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Connecting, tracking and managing potential remote employees or collaborators.

An (ATS) Applicant Tracking System is software that helps business owners and recruiters with managing the recruiting and hiring process. 

From tracking candidates, job postings, scheduling appointments and collaborating with your recruitment team. The following range of selected apps are a few good examples of the different types of recruitment software available:

a) Freshteam 

b) Recruitee

c) Salesforce 

d) LinkedIn Recruiter

e) Ashby

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