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Best Camera Phone Photography Showcase #1


Best Camera Phone Photography Showcase #inspiration 1

We invite friends from around the world to submit their best camera phone photography for a Luminar make-over.

Canadian Landscapes

This project brings to life the beautiful unseen and untouched natural beauty this world offers. During this pandemic, many of us are unable to travel, so we have created this project to bring us together through the art of Photography and Nature, with the hopes of creating new positive connections world wide.


Our first installation comes from Canada a Country renowned for its almost unparalleled natural beauty, from snowcapped mountains and glaciers, along with crystal clear lakes and forestry.

Below I present to you photos of some of Canada’s natural beauty with images from the Banff National Park.


Processed with Luminar

Chris Vancouver Camera Phone6 edit1

Chris Vancouver Camera Phone5 edit2 900h
Chris Vancouver Camera Phone8 edit1 900h

Chris Vancouver cables


Chris, Vancouver Camera Phone-before7
Chris, Vancouver Camera Phone-before4
Chris, Vancouver Camera Phone-before5

profile cropped1

Camera Phone Photography by…

Kris Ryzak aka Infinite P, music producer and multi-talented artist from Alberta, Calgary, Canada. Follow Kris Ryzak aka Infinite P on SoundCloud and Spotify

We invite you to submit your camera phone photos kissed by Luminar software





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