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What is Line Removal AI?

Remove distracting electrical cables from your skyline...



Start creating layered compositions right out of the box.


Luminar Share

Quickly and easily transfer photos edited in Luminar Neo from desktop to mobile and share to your social channels


How much does Luminar Neo cost?

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Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing Software.

When Images are More Than Just Photos​...

If you haven’t been keeping up with our previous posts introducing the image editors new “go-to” application, Luminar Neo.  Check out the posts for more insights on what to expect using the grey buttons below. 

Otherwise, please read on for details on just some of the newly completed features we think you’ll enjoy having at your disposal.

As you may already know the Luminar family provides AI-guided tools that help artists with new and powerful ways to explore their creative muse. The following are just a few to add to the already innovative, easy to use image editing toolkits.


Luminar Line Removal

Oh do you know the pain of removing power lines from what would otherwise be the perfect shot.

Like magic, save time removing power cables from your landscape photo skylines. No more messing with clone tools and layers. This new tool can be used with SkyAI or separately.

The Luminar line removal tool is perfect for editing  wedding, landscape, or other popular sightseeing photos, where there is little choice for capturing your intended composition.

Luminar Overlays

Skylum has already revealed RelightAI and Portrait Background RemovalAI, two tools that use Layers and the new MaskAI feature to help artists move beyond photo editing and explore compositing as a tool for creative expression. Overlays, graphic and photographic elements with a transparency channel, are yet another way for artists to break out of the photographic box.

To light the creative fire, Luminar Neo includes a rich library of free overlay content. Our community of artists and ambassadors regularly add new overlay content to the Luminar Marketplace, which is directly accessible from within Luminar Neo. Finally, using MaskAI, creators can create and save custom overlays to be used across their body of work.

Luminar Share

The fun doesn’t stop when all your editing is done. The next step in your image editing workflow is exporting your beautiful  images. Which may require transferring from desktop to mobile in order to share them more efficiently or whilst on the move.

Luminar Share Desktop Editing to Mobile Device Integration....

Whilst sharing small regular files and images, where quality is not a concern, may be fairly simple and straight forward. Sharing quality images on the other hand may require a more complicated process and the use of third-party services.

For example, Syncing to cloud drives can be a really  useful feature for both storing and providing sharing access to images.

However, what is creators really need is an all-round experience that fully integrates mobile devices with desktop editing.

Allowing artists the possibility to share their work in one click directly from the desktop. Luminar Share aims at completely removing the complications often associated with exporting  images 


Similar to using WhatsApp, as a native mobile app, Luminar Share connects your photo library on Android and iOS mobile devices directly to Luminar Neo using a QR code pairing tool.

Luminar Share creates a secure link between a mobile photo library and Luminar Neo. Advantages include:

●  A completely secure and private connection

●  Automatic, round-trip synchronization of photos and edits

●  Direct sharing from Luminar Neo to social networks (e.g. Instagram)

●  No additional cost for cloud storage

Skylum is looking forward to growing and developing in the mobile field, and Luminar Share is the first big step towards that goal. From photographers sharing their work to influencers sharing a new look or a new adventure, visual storytellers of every stripe will find Luminar Share to be a great resource. At launch, it will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

How much does Luminar Neo cost?

New Users:

1-seat license for
Luminar Neo 

2-seats license for
Luminar Neo 
@ $87 

1-seat license for
AI+Neo $105 

2-seats license for
Luminar AI+Neo 
@ $126 

Existing Users:

1-seat license for
Luminar Neo 

2-seats license for
Luminar Neo 
@ $69 

1-seat license for

2-seats license for
Luminar AI+Neo 
@ $108 

*30-day refund policy valid upon shipment of Luminar Neo this winter

Questions about Luminar Neo?

Currently, whilst both applications can be installed on the same computer. However, both applications cannot exchange editing data and convert libraries, due to the different engine build for Luminar Neo.

Typically, there will be a utility for converting Luminar AI Templates for use with Luminar Neo…



Yes, you can use both Luminar Neo and Luminar AI with the following:

1. Lightroom Classic (starting from version 6)

2. Photoshop (from version CS5)

3. Photos for macOS

4. Microsoft Photos (coming soon in an update relates to Windows 11)

Based on a new AI technology engine and designed for creative tasks with maximum performance and flexibility. Luminar Neo is the creative image editor for creators seeking high-quality editing results with the same level of satisfaction you get with Luminar AI.

Luminar AI is for your typical professional photographer, who is not necessarily skilled with photo editing, at least not the practice of creating masks, layers and all the other technical preparatory actions that need to be in place before even committing the actual desired editing…

Meanwhile, Luminar Neo is the extended sibling  to Luminar AI, and includes tools for more intricate image editing …
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