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Digital Artwork

Illustration is the decorative visual that accompanies a concept, or information in the form of text. Used as a design component, illustration helps provide cues for demanding a viewers attention or providing visual instructions, or at least some form of communication.    

What is it about vector graphics?

There are many different styles of illustration that may combine both traditional and digital art techniques. The all vector graphics route however, is the most efficient method for producing robust artwork that will withstand reproduction, resizing and reformatting.


Harley Biker Illustration 1

Vector Illustration

Most vector illustration are quite recognisable, although some can very closely resemble screen printed art, or even airbrushing. 

Vector drawings are a handy format for most design disciplines and can easily be incorporated with items such as books, posters, brochures, magazines, visual branding, social media content and so on…

Vector drawings are widely used for visualising objects and people, especially where a photograph is not feasible or the preferred design option.

SGI O2 graphics

Vector Graphics

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

The beautiful thing about vector artwork is that vector drawn artwork lends its use perfectly to the design of logos, icons, typography and other graphical drawings. 

Bear in mind that the vector format is robust and will withstand most resizing and reformatting. Plus, it is relatively quick and easy to edit and change existing vector drawings.

Affinity Designer



Using photography in a stylised way can be an effective means of adding “mood” to your visual storytelling. And sometimes you can even get away with mixing photographic images with vector images…

underground travel vertical
rocket gherkin

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