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Practical Generative AI


“Bringing ideas to life is the challenge creators face on almost every project. At Software Folder not only do we inspire creators with tips and creative resource. We inspire by example…”

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Skylum Reinventing Traditional Photo Editing with Generative AI Technology.

What is GenErase and How Does it Work?

Well, as you have probably realized from the demo, GenErase cleverly allows you to remove distracting objects from a photo.

This is all possible due to an AI technology process called diffusion, a type of image generation technique that can produce high-quality images with realistic textures and details. 

In this process, an image is created by gradually refining a noise signal through a series of transformations, such as blurring or sharpening, until the desired image is reached. 

Gene Erase is an advanced eraser tool that not only eliminates unwelcome distractions from your photos but also cleverly replaces those regions, creating a composition that is both focused and free of distractions. 


SoftwareFolder|Generative AI – GenErase

Note how the (paparazzi) photographers have been removed from this photo.

GenErase - Content-Aware AI Tool


By using Generative AI to fill in the blanks with textures and other elements that match the perspective and surrounding area, this feature helps you maintain the integrity of your photos. 

To maintain the composition’s beauty, GenErase can easily remove elements like rubbish, street signs, utility poles, cars, graffiti, crowds, and more.

Now, as far as I know to date, images based on diffusion models, require there to be an internet connection in order to work and access the huge amounts of required data. This is something important to bear in mind before you decide to use this powerful tool.

GenErase Example.

As you can see Generative AI does have some very practical uses that help us do the things we already do, but faster and with less hassle. 

Now, to help you imagine all the ways in which you’ll find this tool useful, here’s another example.

More About Luminar Neo...

Compared to traditional image editors, Luminar Neo offers a completely different approach. Built from the ground up to leverage artificial intelligence, Luminar Neo simplifies complex tasks and frees you from the boring manual work.

Portraits take on new life.

  • Use BodyAI and FaceAI to gently sculpt and refine a portrait.
  • Create eyes that are rich and expressive with IrisAI.
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with SkinAI.

Landscape photography has never looked better.

  • Add depth and detail to skies with AtmosphereAI and Sky Enhancer.
  • Transform a photo and add an all-new sky in seconds with SkyAI.
  • Bring warmth with Golden Hour or even enhance the sun with Sunrays.

Professional finishing with less hassle.

  • Looking for more detail and texture? Then StructureAI is the perfect addition.
  • Get the perfect crop with CompositionAI and fix crooked images.
  • With AccentAI, a photo has perfect exposure and color. 

Images: © ryoji iwata, Ksusha Kazak, 


At Time of Writing: Platform upgrades and generative technologies will be available to monthly, annual and 2-year Pro, Explore, and Ultimate plan subscribers.

Special prices for new users range from $14.95 to $269 until October 28, 2023. 

Existing Luminar Neo lifetime (perpetual) license owners can opt to switch to the Pro annual subscription at a special price ($69 for the first year until October 28, 2023) or they can make a one-time purchase of the 2023/24 Creative Journey Pass for $69 (special price until October 28, 2023). 

This pass will grant access to generative technologies until August 16, 2024, as well as all new features announced and released before that date (Extensions excluded).


“Bringing ideas to life is the challenge creators face on almost every project. At Software Folder not only do we inspire creators with tips and creative resource. We inspire by example…”

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