Luminar AI - Are You Ready for a New Way of Editing Photos?

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Think of Luminar AI as an image enhancer that short-circuits the typical steps involved in digital photography processing.

Luminar AI is the first state-of-the-art intelligent photo editing software, built from the ground-up using data that harnesses the nuance of professional photographers and photo artist.  

As a standalone app or plugin, Luminar AI readily fits into any creative photo editing workflow. 

Read on to learn more about this evolutionary process of editing photos without the unnecessary tedious or technical roadblocks.

Who is Luminar AI for?

As a professional photographer, photo artists, content creator, etc. Have you ever felt the frustration of knowing what you want to achieve from the use of a photo, but somewhat put-off, simply because of the long and boring technical process, or steps involved in getting to where you want to go?

Get to where you want to go faster, and have more time for fine-tuning.

What if there was a way you could quickly achieve a number of suggested results with the expert input of artists, photographers, colourists and scientists all in one go? And then, be left with nothing more than just a few tweaks for achieving exactly what you want?

Well, Luminar AI helps with that by short-circuiting the typical steps involved when performing those tedious image processing tasks.

Luminar AI is designed for all kinds of visual communication and its use can be enjoyed by everyday creators, such as bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, educators, and professional photographers and artist alike.

There are so many aspects of Luminar AI that places it well for becoming anyones default photo editor of choice.

So, to whet your appetite, I’m going to give you a run-down on just some of the fancy stuff you can do with Luminar AI. 


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Kissed by Luminar AI - Beta Sneak Peek

Check-out These Attractive Luminar AI Features:

1. Luminar AI - Atmosphere & Sky Enhancer

Before & After

With the Atmosphere AI and SkyEnhancer tool, add a little drama to your shots.

Landscape photography has never looked better. 

  • Add depth and detail to skies with AtmosphereAI and Sky Enhancer. 
  • Transform a photo and add an all-new sky in seconds with SkyAI. 
  • Bring warmth with Golden Hour or even enhance the sun with Sunrays. 

With the Atmosphere AI and SkyEnhancer tool, add a little drama to your shots. These are awesome additions to the suit of toolsets and tools available to Luminar AI users.

2. Luminar AI - Templates with AI assistance.

2. Luminar AI Templates​ 6001
2.Luminar AI Templates​ 6002

Useful results faster with Templates.

Professional finishing with less hassle.

  • Looking for more detail and texture? Then StructureAI is the perfect addition.
  • Get the perfect crop with CompositionAI and fix crooked images. 
  • With AccentAI, a photo has perfect exposure and color.  

After the AI technology analyses your photos it will suggest a number of recommended templates based on the photos contents.

Templates short-cuts the  repetition and guess work, but that’s not all… it’s super simple to use.

Templates with AI assistance works as a collection of suggested preset ‘edits’ that are based on the analysis of the image you are about to treat. And always you have full control plus the capability to name and save your own custom Templates.

3. Luminar AI - Portrait

portrait photographer before
portrait photographer after

From eye details to ruby red lips…

Focus on the alluring detail that eyes create, and accentuate expression by adding warmth – it’s up to you. All-the-same, Luminar AI will get you there faster. 

Portraits take on new life.

  • Use BodyAI and FaceAI to gently sculpt and refine a portrait. 
  • Create eyes that are rich and expressive with IrisAI. 
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with SkinAI. 

Besides the option of using Templates for your portrait photography. You have the undeniable state-of-the-art portrait editing suite at your disposal. Make from bold to subtle changes without the trouble of creating masks and playing with layers.


Your chance to be amongst the first to try Luminar AI.

Order today, you may still be eligible for a early-bird discount.


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Luminar AI in Action (Beta)

A sneak preview of the workings and smooth interface experience of Luminar AI.

Don’t hold me to it, but look at this beautifully simple Export screen providing options for; Mail, Messages, SmugMug and 500px

Luminar ai beta demo
Luminar AI (beta)

CR2 file converted to JPG and opened with Luminar AI 

Whilst Luminar AI is still under development (well, software development is an ongoing thing after all), I managed to get a sneak peek and play with a beta version of the software. And I have to say, as always, I am pretty impressed with the simplicity of the Luminar interface. 

With that uncluttered feeling, unlike many other photo editing software, Luminar AI is focused on results without the ‘gymnastics’.

So, to start off my exploration, I used the provided demo images saved in CR2 format. Hey, I wanted to make this as natural and realistic as possible. So, in case you didn’t know CR2 files are RAW Canon generated images. Which, unfortunately, caused my Powerbook to crash each time I tried to launch an image in this format.

Now, I didn’t want to spend the day trying to resolve, or find out what the problem was. So here is what I did instead. 


1. I Visited Convertio and converted the CR2 file to JPG format.

You can do this all online without having to download and install any software. Maybe you have an alternative method, if so, please feel free to share below. 

2. Download the converted file(s). 

Of course the above issue I had will not affect everyone, but I just wanted to demonstrate that there are many ways to resolve problems you may encounter during the photo editing process. 

So bear in mind, that whilst Luminar AI does provide a very simple to use environment. There are many other factors that also contribute to your overall editing experience.

This is where joining a community of like minded creatives becomes useful. You’ll get to learn how other creators work and deal with varying situations plus lots more. (Want to learn more about a Luminar community membership? go here).

Launch with Luminar AI and auto-magically edit your photos

Brief look at Luminar AI Templates

When I say ”instantly”, I refer to the way in which, after launching an image with Luminar AI. The software, first, automatically ( I like to say auto-magically) analysis the image, and then makes “Template” editing suggestions. Now, what could be more simple than that?

Luminar AI (beta)

“Templates” by the way, is a Luminar AI feature that provides  editing starting points that are tailored for efficiently handling different photographic situations.


In spite the AI working in the background -

You are always still in control...

In the case above I have used the Fast Fix option (A) for the demo landscape image, which added, overall, more definition to the image. Now, it doesn’t end there, as I can also further  fine-tune the image using the Fast Fix slider (B) that becomes available with my selected Template editing option.

You can learn more about Luminar AI at the official Skylum software website. You may also be interested in previous Luminar products, development and technology using from the Software Folder Skylum 101 compilation.