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The Ultimate All-in-One photography bundle

For Creative Photographers & Photo-Artist


Welcome to the world of Luminar Neo, where your journey to mastering landscape editing and unlocking your creative potential begins. We are excited to introduce the All-in-one Photography Bundle, your ultimate resource for honing your skills. This comprehensive bundle includes expert courses led by 5 renowned photographers, the powerful photo editor Luminar Neo, and a selection of creative content. Prepare to elevate your abilities, enhance your images, and be inspired by the best in the field.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of landscape photography masters through our expert courses. Explore fundamental principles and advanced techniques that will empower you to enhance colors, optimize contrast, and compose captivating scenes. Acquire the knowledge necessary to transform ordinary shots into extraordinary works of art.

This bundle offers shooting and editing courses from 5 famous photographers. Immerse yourself in their inspiring journeys, learn the tricks of the trade, and uncover the passion that drives them to capture breathtaking landscapes. Their expertise and vision will motivate you to push boundaries and create your own iconic images.

With this educational photography bundle, you have everything you need to elevate your skills, refine your editing techniques, and unleash your creativity. 

Prepare to capture the beauty of nature like never before and craft stunning landscapes that leave a lasting impression. Get ready for an unforgettable photography journey with this comprehensive bundle at your side.

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Insightful Photography Courses

The following are photography related courses by 5 renowned photographers from around the world.

Table of Contents

1. Zero to Pro Course. 


by Serge Ramelli

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of photography with Serge Ramelli’s ultimate bundle of 6 tutorials. Seemingly designed specifically for self-employed or freelance photographers, this comprehensive course covers all the essentials, from mastering the basics and understanding composition, to refining your retouching skills, publishing your work, making an impact on social media, and even turning your photography passion into a profitable business. Usual Costs:  $897

2. Photoshop Editing Tutorial


SoftwareFolder | Learn Photography Bundle

by Max Rive

Unlock the secrets of turning lackluster afternoon light into breathtaking soft illumination with this tutorial by Max Rive. Dive deep into the art of light effects and other editing techniques as Max reveals his unique approach to create stunning visual transformations in your photographs. 

Photoshop Afternoon Light Editing Tutorial
Learn how to turn mediocre afternoon light into beautiful and soft looking light with this tutorial. Max Rive will demonstrate his unique light effects and other editing techniques in this in-depth tutorial video. Usual Costs:  $336

Photoshop Landscape Editing Tutorial
Elevate your landscape images to new heights as you learn to master color, contrast, light, and sharpness in this Photoshop editing and post-processing tutorial by Max Rive. No advanced knowledge of Photoshop is required, as Max simplifies the techniques and empowers you to achieve remarkable results. Usual Costs:  $334

Landscape Post Processing Course
Unleash the true potential of your landscape photos through the latest color editing techniques and tricks offered in this comprehensive course by Max Rive. From mastering white balance and split-toning to exploring color calibration, selective color, color balance, color painting, and even adding captivating color haze, you’ll gain the tools to create the ultimate color palette in your landscape photography. Usual Costs:  $179

Photoshop Contrast Tutorial
Take your Photoshop editing skills to the next level and unlock the secrets of impeccable contrast in your landscape images. Max Rive will guide you through enhancing the haze between mountain layers, adding captivating vignetting, preserving intricate shadow details, achieving perfectly exposed highlights, and infusing your photographs with incredible color saturation. Usual Costs:  $359

3. The Instagram – Smells Viral Course



by Marco Grassi

Join Marco Grassi as he unveils his complete editing workflow for Instagram-worthy images. This tutorial covers everything from essential tasks like cropping, resizing, and image adjustments, to finding the perfect crop and enhancing engagement. 

Discover Marco’s expert tips on tailoring your editing specifically for Instagram to maximize the impact of your work. Usual Costs:  $100

Zelda Start to Finish
Witness the remarkable transformation of an unusable file into a stunning image with Marco Grassi’s in-depth tutorial. Delve into techniques such as painting light from the side, rectifying blown-out areas, employing creative color dodging, recreating the polarizer effect in the sky, altering image perspective, and more. Usual Costs:  $80

Daydream Start to Finish
Follow Marco Grassi’s editing process from start to finish, from Lightroom to Photoshop. Master various post-processing techniques and learn how to add depth and enhance the visual appeal of your images. Usual Costs:  $80

Pledge Start to Finish
Immerse yourself in a comprehensive tutorial that teaches you how to completely change the mood of your image. Turn a flat, harshly lit photograph into a dramatic and unique scene through Marco’s expert guidance. Explore techniques for achieving a more intense look, desaturating blues, and other invaluable tricks. Usual Costs:  $80

4. Sky Replacement Masterclass



by Matt Suess

Uncover the secrets to creating realistic sky replacements with Matt Suess. This masterclass not only reveals the techniques for seamless integration, but also highlights the top eight mistakes photographers commonly make during sky replacement.

As a bonus, gain access to 400 high-resolution skies that you can immediately incorporate into your work Usual Costs:  $197

5. Ignite Your Composition

Landscape Photography University 201



by David Johnston

This course provides a proven system for rapidly improving your photography composition, saving you time while empowering you to reach your goals in the field. Usual Costs:  $397

Luminar Neo Pack Shot

Creative Assets for Luminar Neo by Team Skylum. Subscription to the award-winning and easy-to-use AI-powered photo editor, plus lots more...

Everything You Need For Great Results.

Yes, not only do you get to own a license to the most innovative, elegant and easy-to-use image editing software, you also get  1 whole year subscription to the Luminar Pro Plan as part of a special bundle today. 

With this versatile photo editor Luminar Neo at your disposal, you gain complete control over your images. From subtle adjustments to dramatic transformations, this tool enables you to unleash your creativity and express your unique style in every photograph.

This is all with educational-photography-courses

120 creative assets including Presets, Skies, LUTs, Overlays for Luminar Neo with a total value of $222:

• Film Studio Portrait

• Wildlife Adventure

• Picture-Perfect Landscapes

• Overcast Seascape Presets

• Insta Life LUTs

• Precious Child LUTs

• Fitness LUTs

• Tender Blushing Skies

• Prism Light Overlays

– Pacific Coastline Skies by The Remote Unknown



Existing Users Bundle

 $3,460 total value for new users.

Refund policy:

• For new users: 10% refund from the bundle price which is $12.9

• For existing Luminar Neo users: no refund is available