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Design Appreciation Issue

February 2024 Supplementary

What Makes Good Design
& Why Does It Matter?

Design Appreciation & Aesthetics

1. Aesthetics Secrets

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Aesthetics has always been a mystery because of its subjective nature, and in the world of graphic design, this is especially true. However, with or without a trained eye, you can distinguish or ‘feel’ something that has been professionally designed and considered over something that has not.

2. Design Appreciation

SoftwareFolder | Design Appreciation Issue

As a philosophical concept, aesthetics is inherently subjective due to its reliance on individual perception, interpretation, and emotional response.
The subjective nature of aesthetics highlights the richness and diversity of human experiences, allowing for a wide range of interpretations and …

3. Which Customer Persona?

SoftwareFolder | Design Appreciation Issue

Which customer persona fits you best? Take a look at our exploration of different customer traits, the software they use, hobbies and more.

When it comes to customer personas, businesses often create profiles based on various factors…

4. 1-Stop Ecommerce Store

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It offers a wide range of integrations and apps to enhance the functionality of online stores, while also providing the tools and resources necessary for developers to create custom solutions. This comprehensive approach saves time and effort for both parties, allowing them to focus on growing 

5. Landscape Photo Kit

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The Countryside Landscape Kit provides a number of customizable editing presets to help you get started with your countryside landscape editing projects faster. Change the look and feel of your photos in seconds and save the appropriate aesthetics for the story you wish to tell.

6. Partnerstack

SoftwareFolder | Design Appreciation Issue

PartnerStack is a full-stack solution for B2B SaaS partnerships. It is a go-to-market growth platform that helps you manage and automate your partnerships with affiliate partners, customer referral partners, and reseller partners. With over 65,000 active SaaS partners including agencies…