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Looking for a WordPress Language Translation Plugin?

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How to make your WordPress website multilingual in 3 Steps

I enjoy saying it, but; there’s an app for that. Well, moreover, there is a WordPress plugin for that! 

Weglot Translation Plugin for WordPress

If You’re Looking for a WordPress Language Translation Plugin, Then We Have What You May Be Looking For. One of The Best Solutions Available..

Step One: Install the plugin

 Make sure that the  Weglot Translate plugin (or latest plugin version) is installed in your WordPress admin. You should see it in your left menu bar.


Step Two: Enter API Key and Weglot Settings

Main Configuration

Next you will need to configure your api key for your original language and your destination languages. Other fields are optional

Step Three: Save Settings

By default the language button appears on your website bottom right !

If you don’t see the button or the button is not translating, please contact


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