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If ‘Gerrard’ had to choose just 1 of our best of 3 recommended WordPress theme & page builder toolkits. Which one would it be?

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ThriveSuite - The All-in-one Membership

The best place to get started from one place using WordPress.
Conversion Focused

The Secret in Choosing WordPress Plugins & Themes

When all you want, is to produce more than just beautiful and professional looking WordPress websites.

Choosing the best all-in-one WordPress solution for you...


For a moment I want you to imagine that you’re working from your WordPress dashboard. What is the first thing you do when you decide that you want to add a new function to your website? 

Of course, naturally you head for Themes, or the Plugins > Add New…  

And then you make your decision based on…what? 

Yes, the number of Active Installations. If there are a lot of users, then the software must be good, at least that’s what we tend to say to ourselves. 

However, what does this data really tell us? 

It’s all about context and what it is you actually want to do...

Well, it certainly does not tell us whether we are using the best tool for our specific needs. After all, there are so many excellent tools out there that go unnoticed by those that can benefit the most. 

And this is simply because of not shouting out as loud as their competitors. So, in short, popularity, in terms of social signals, can sometimes be misleading.


So, how do you find the best all-in-one WordPress gear?

Yes, it’s true, there are some really clever and useful plugins and themes available from the WordPress directories (or repository). But sometimes this convenience can blinker your exposure to what could be more beneficial solutions for your specific needs. Which is just one of the advantages in following the Software FolderExposing you to the best creativity tools for hands-on creators and solopreneurs. (why not subscribe today)

And so, to truly narrow the options from our best 3 tried and tested WordPress builders to a single choice, is not as straightforward task. 

Especially, as everyone is different, and what works for me, may not work for you. I really feel that an individuals temperament has also something to do with making such a decision.

Now for a moment, let’s focus on one of the most popular, and significant, WordPress plugin for the building of an e-commerce store. And why the best plugin may still not be right for you.

The best plugin is not always necessary

In some cases you may not even need to install extra plugins to your existing setup. So, for example, let’s imagine you want to sell physical items from your WordPress website. WooCommerce is easily a first choice for most of us, and is arguably one of the best WordPress e-commerce plugin solutions available.

However, let’s now say that you have a Printful store, or a smaller store such as a Sellfy. Basically, you want to sell your own products or creative services and you’re not necessarily seeking to build a full-on ‘Amazon’, although, you wouldn’t mind the capability at a later date. 

Anyway, in such cases WooCommerce may not be necessary or even applicable for your specific needs. 

Fortunately, you can still benefit from using WordPress with some form of integration between your Sellfy or Printful store. Printful and Sellfy, will allow you to embed “buy” buttons, product images and other code to your site.

Now, contrary to my previous comment, whilst I say you may not need additional plugins, most integrations will require some form of action from your end. Which indeed, may include you having to download and install a special plugin. Fortunately, by replacing and deleting redundant plugins, this may also result in better performance as well as using fewer plugins from different sources. 

However, ultimately the best choice for you really depends on, I would say, first your temperament, and secondly, what it is your specific business does or offers, plus why you actually need a website.

Assuming that you build client, or your own websites, if you can tick these boxes, then you’re probably in the right mindset for finding exactly what you want.

You see, ideally you’ll also want to use themes and plugins that readily accommodate all the functionalities necessary in order for your site to work in the way that you intended. 

You want to provide your audience with a user-friendly interface that will not easily fall apart due to incompatibility and other technical issues.

You want something reliable and complete, something intuitive enough to get your head around.

ThriveSuite All-in-one Membership

The best place to get started from one place
Conversion Focused
What is Content?
creative content marketicking checklist

Final Conclusion?

Without the same constraints as with previous WordPress generations. The all-in-one solutions today are better integrated. Which certainly helps reduce the need for a hotchpotch of plugins and themes from a number of different sources. Ultimately, there are so many factors that contribute to a website successfully fulfilling its, or rather YOUR intended purpose. 

However, as I don’t believe there is a truly one size fits all solution. The nearest, at least from my current perspective, of the Best 3 WordPress Theme Builders demonstrating a clear philosophy happens to be the Thrive Themes suite of conversion focused tools. Better known as ThriveSuite.



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