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How to Launch Windows Apps On a Mac.


Parallels Desktop: The Windows to macOS Software Solution

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In case you didn’t already know, Parallels is the popular students answer to saving money by bringing their existing PC software over to their shiny new Mac.

Creators; freelancers and small business also enjoy the convenience of Parallels. Especially as it is so easy to get started with using. So…

How Does Parallels Desktop Work?

Parallels Desktop works by creating a virtual machine (VM). In other words a virtual PC inside your Mac. This allows users to run both their Microsoft, Linux or other programs and macOS programs simultaneously on Mac computers.

By switching from macOs mode to the Virtual Machine mode users can migrate documents and other productivity related work, or even just games, from their PC to their Mac with relative ease.

Windows License Options

The options for getting a Windows license include providing your own license key, buying a new license from Microsoft Online Store, or transferring an existing Boot Camp partition with Windows already installed.

The Good news

With the launch of Parallels Desktop 18, you get to enjoy 20+ powerful new features that will boost performance and productivity. Plus, fully optimised for M1 and M2 series chips and ready for Mac OS Ventura (when released).


System Requirements | mac Configurations




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