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Why choose Oribi over other Analytics Assistants?

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Imagine this; you have your analytics software configured for an eCommerce store. You are receiving tons of traffic and related data. Wouldn’t it be really awesome if your analytics software would also tell you what action to take instead of just all that confusing data? [ meet Oribi ]

What exactly is Oribi?

In short, Oribi is an analytics tool that helps non-experts make tangible use of their Google Analytics data. 

Oribi simplifies the whole practice by freeing you from dealing with the type of data that only experts understand and provides you with filtered, actionable steps for making measurable improvements . 

If you are completely new to Analytics, Oribi provides an easier to understand platform.

Easily Create Pinned Events

Will Oribi tell me how visitors interact with my goals and what to improve if necessary?

Setting up specific ‘goals’ in Google Analytics helps you to determine how well your marketing efforts are going. 

Of course, you can also set up events for measuring, let’s say, in order to track a link that takes visitors to a sponsors website. For most of us, this immediately starts getting messy and complicated.

Fortunately, Oribi sorts that issue out with ease for the non analytics expert, providing you with digestible information and suggestions which you can take real action on.

Can I segment my visitors by interest?

While recording the journey your visitors take on your site is already possible with Google Analytics. The chances are, most beginners are either not aware, or have no way of working out how to harness that data. 

Again, Oribi helps you better understand how visitors journey through your site so that you can determine what and where needs improving. Plus, the typical journey visitors of a specific interest will take.

Can I measure how visitors interact with my cart and checkout?

The most telling measurement as to how well you are doing are actual conversions or sales. While you may generate thousands of visitors, if your audience targeting is not on point, your level of sales will inevitably be low.

Oribi allows you to see at a glance what’s happening with your customer checkouts and determine what works well, and what doesn’t.


While Google Analytics is free and perfect for the more advanced and experienced user, Oribi is the ideal companion for beginners, intermediate and busy ‘solopreneurs’ venturing the world of digital marketing and analytics for the first time. 

Analytics for Everyone

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