What is Oribi?


Analytics made friendly

In short, Oribi is a relatively new platform that simplifies the whole practice of setting up and monitoring the performance of your website. 

is Oribi really friendlier and more digestible?

Using the Google Analytics dashboard for measuring is pretty much a given for most marketing experts, especially for those just entering the world of digital marketing. And why not?

Google Analytics is viably armed with everything you need for collating data on your website and marketing campaigns performance. It connects with Google Ads and other Google tools and resource, it’s pretty full-on.

The only thing is, it can seem a little complicated and unwieldy, and may require a little tinkering in order to pull out and work out what to do with the data most essential to your decision making. But, it’s all there. In my opinion Google actually does a good job.

However, as humans, we tend to always strive towards simplicity, eventually. In that way more people can enjoy the benefits of whatever it is they are exploring.  (underlying thought: Technology strikes again!)

Now, what it is about Oribi, is that it provides a somewhat “game-changing” approach. Well, lets say a simplified, visual and more digestible method for managing your analytics…

Marketing with Oribi as your assistant

Oribi is focused on providing you with actionable insights, the type of data that is most likely to help drive revenue.

With key features that include; 
– conversion analysis,
– marketing channel analysis,
– smart funnels,
– individual visitor journeys,
– event correlations 

Oribi measures every step; from custom events, button clicks, page visits or form submissions with Oribi’s funnels tool. And then, there’s the section that keeps an index of your website visitors, allowing you to study any interesting patterns in their journey through your website…

Oribi prompts you with improvements you can make...

Using Event Correlations

Event Correlations is one feature you will most definitely find useful. As the name suggests, this tool correlates data based on your website visitors activities. With this data you are able to more readily define and focus on which events are most likely to convert.

No coding required.

  • Measure Define and Increase conversions.
  • Build funnels, track visitor behaviour, analyse conversions….
  • Generate reports…
  • Optimise Google and Facebook campaigns.
  • there’s more…


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