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What’s it like using Whatagraph?

Full analytics reporting simplified for agencies and marketing consultants.


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Why Whatagraph?

Whilst running through a trial version, I can easily imagine Whatagraph as being a central hub for monitoring every inch (or pixel) of your online business’ activities. So, with the intention of only spending a few hours  trialing Whatagraph, the more I looked the more I found.

Whatagraph is loaded…

From Shopify to Facebook and a “lot-lot” more, you can generate reports that provide tangible data in a clean and personalised format. 

And so, after just the first peek, I was already looking forward to uncovering how my own data would brush-up when connected to Whatagraph.

Logging in...


On logging into your Whatagraph account, you are greeted  with the options for selecting;

a) The Report-building system, or,

b) The Live monitoring and reporting system.

Connecting Report Sources

You’ll need to tell Whatagraph which sources you wish to retrieve data from. Your Google Analytics account may be a good place to start.

Connecting your sources is a simple process.


Report Sources 2 Selected
example (1.1)

Whatagraph works by allowing you to gather data from your selected “Report Sources” and filtering all the available information into intelligible data.

In the example (1.1), there are 2 selected sources; (a) Google Analytics and (b) Shopify

From here you can add, change or remove the sources you want to display data for.

Now, with the expectation of pulling my data and re-populating the existing templates, I have connected my Google Analytics account, as illustrated in example (1.2).


example (1.2)

A Comprehensive Report Building System

In example (1.3) below, you can see the type of metrics and corresponding data you are able to generate. Bearing in mind that it is all mostly customisable for what you are specifically interested in.

Shopify e-Commerce Sample.


example (1.3)

In this case we can view an example of what your eCommerce stores data might look like. Click the image for a closer look

Presentable Reports on demand

Who is Whatagraph for?

You’ll find that Whatagraph is incredibly comprehensive where it comes to customisations and drilling down to specific data. I can see that if you set this up in harmony with your connected sources, you can truly create an awesome and informative analytics data reporting centre for all of your, or clients marketing.

And then…

you can share your professionally laid out reports with other team members or your clients.

Now, although Whatagraph really does simplify the process of managing and understanding your analytics data. I get the impression that someone of a studious temperament will really appreciate this nicely packaged app.

Whatagraph branded (white label) reports

As an agency or consultant you’ll of course  want to present your reports in your own brand colours and logo. 

Whatagraph allows you to easily add your logo and apply your brand colours.

Here’s how:


    1. Under the profile tab – select Settings + Customise Reports. The window displayed above will open.


    2. Select Custom Branding.
    Now click the Active theme to edit.  Or, Create new theme


    3. If not already selected choose Header (>). Now, name your Theme (a), delete the placeholder logo (b) and replace with your own logo.

    Upload Image

    From here on, to Position your logo and Header text is pretty self explanatory. 

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    imported logo header and create new

    Watch videos here:

    1. Customize your reports with your logo and brand colourways. 
    2. Customize your emails for personalised client  attention.
    3. Set up your agency’s domain name.


    All in all, Whatagraph is a one-stop analytics reporting solution.

    Using Whatagraph provides a very high chance that you will not need anything else for managing your analytics reporting.

    – track campaign results across multiple channels (including customised channels).

    – build customisable visual reports for both clients and internal use.

    – simple for beginners to use.

    My Advice

    Set a Day aside if you can afford it. Make yourself a cup of tea and spend the day exploring all the possibilities and navigational nuance of the platform. 

    Agencies for sure, will find Whatagraph to be an essential addition and ehancement to the services they offer.



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