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What are LUT photo data files?

Commonly known as Look-up Table, LUT is a term used to describe the attributes used for achieving specific computational shortcuts for applying, in this context, unique colour grading to a photographic image.

You can think of an LUT file as a colour preset used by photographers and  filmmakers for quickly adding colour effects to an image.


How to apply LUT photo data to your photographic images?

demonstrating in 5 steps

edit mode

1. Launch Luminar Neo

First launch your copy of Luminar Neo and select the Edit mode tab located at the top middle section of the Luminar Neo dashboard.

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First Launch Luminar Edit

Select next for a closer look at the Mood tool.

2. Select The Creative Toolset

Once Edit mode is selected the tools will appear to the right of your screen.

Now Select Mood > Choose LUT > Load Custom Files

3. Add Custom LUT Files...

Once Edit mode is selected the tools will appear to the right of your screen.

Now select Mood > Choose LUT > Add Custom LUT File…

Navigate to the location of your LUT files stored on your computer, and upload the LUT files you wish to use.

4. Select LUT

In this case we select the Flare Mood for a stylish vintage look.

5. Applied LUT

Make the necessary adjustments to; Amount, Contrast and Saturation, the select apply.

Build your personal “style repertoire”.

Using the Action Tab located at the bottom of the Luminar dashboard. Save your adjustments as a preset for applying to other images later…

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