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Website Task Automation with Thrive Automator

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Website task automation​

Provide a seamless content experience throughout your visitors  journey…

With the help of automation software, instantly add your website users to Your mailing list, and other automated tasks

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Why Thrive Automator?

Finally out of beta, Thrive Automator will now be available to everyone

With the latest “heads-up” in the pro content marketing world of WordPress being the release of the much anticipated Thrive Automator. We thought it would be a good idea to mention the fact that besides the ones available with Thrive Suite you can now use this product with other WordPress plugins.

Now you can connect  to all your favourite WordPress plugins and streamline your workflow easier with Thrive Automator.  And here is the more interesting news, you may be able to download and use Thrive Automator for free.

As an API-driven tool, Thrive Automator will allow you to build multi-plugin data management systems based on the actions your visitors take on your website easier, faster and for free.

Yes, you heard right. 

So, to secure your free copy of Thrive Automator, first download and install to your WordPress website today. Existing Thrive Suite members will already have access from their dashboards.

The following are just some of the the things you can do with Thrive Automator…

Connect with your ecommerce
users on a different level

When someone purchases, receives a refund, or has any other order status, you will now be able to synchronize this data directly with your mailing list.


Instantly add your website
users to your mailing list

Emailing site users is easy with this tool – perfect for membership sites and course creators.

Thrive Automator connects with over 20+ different email marketing tools, allowing you to automatically add WordPress users to your mailing list when they register on your website.

Send webhook data from your
website to any other application

The Thrive Automator can talk to any web application that supports web-hooks and pass along customer information to provide a professional, integrated experience for subscribers and customers.




Welcome to Smart Automations for WordPress…

Want to be able to automatically send content to subscribers after they have completed a step in your sales funnel?

Then, this is the automation tool for you.

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