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Who is Liquid Web and Nexcess for?

One of the common concerns at the back of the minds of many seasoned WordPress users; owners and developers of applications and eCommerce sites, is the importance of a reliable and secure web hosting service. i.e.

For Nexcess or rather, Liquid Web a sibling service, accommodating ‘heavy loads  is what they specialise in. And so making things as simple as possible for new users, through offering secure, but flexible WordPress managed hosting at an affordable ‘entry price’, can be a Nexcess strongpoint here.

Although the 15GB storage does seems a little measly. But I suppose you can consider it as a trade-off for having a site you can launch with confidence. 

How much does Nexcess WordPress web hosting cost?

Now, what has got us really intrigued with Nexcess’ services, and why it was felt important to share what we’ve found here on, is not just the premium level of services offered, but the current cost for an opportunity at experiencing ‘high-end’ trouble-free web hosting…

 At $19 USD/mo for a SPARK plan, which is comparable to similar more ‘intermediate’ website hosting offers with a lesser performance configuration. 

However, you will only really benefits if you intend on focussing on just a single business with 15GB storage. ( I said it was measly).

Whilst on the other hand the DESIGNER plan is normally $109/mo with 60GB storage

Are you getting the picture of the type of customer that is typically attracted to Nexcess ? And I suppose, Liquid Web.

Yes, it’s the single focus on an Application or Ecommerce business oriented website that will benefit from the Liquid Web and Nexcess website hosting ecosystem. Between the 2, there are many option for growth.

Genuine Support

Support is another important factor when deciding a web hosting provider. Especially for when things may go wrong. Or, when help with specific web configurations and features are needed. 

Nexcess, is well known for its enthusiastic support and community. But, what you’ll also find most admirable, is the way in which Nexcess tends to highlight the successes of their customers.

This fosters trust in their offer, as well as demonstrate reciprocating community values and concerns.


Whilst Liquid Web may seem very promising for the more corporate or larger budgeted web and applications projects (“mission critical operations”) We don’t feel the pricing will be within range for most solopreneurs, independent, remote and the nomadic type of creator. 

However, one thing for certain from what we have explored, is that Nexcess is definitely a “Take it to the next level” solution for WordPress, Megento and Woocommerce users.

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