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The two most commonly recommended options for building a WordPress website is either directly from the WordPress.com website, or through a website hosting service that offers a WordPress tailored hosting platform.

This is the difference between what is often described as self-hosting vs managed hosting, a definition that gets fuzzier with time.

So, to elaborate, the difference between starting with either of the two is that, with WordPress.com you can start a website from a free account and then upgrade later if you so choose. Although, if you choose this method, and you already have a registered domain name, you can always assign it to your new WordPress website. Otherwise, you will be assigned with the default WordPress.com web address.

So, for example if your website name is “best clothing”. Your free WordPress web address will look like this: www.bestclothing.wordpress.com

Doesn’t look quite right does it? This is why most businesses and bloggers start with a paid plan. There are four to choose from including; Personal, Premium, Business and eCommerce.

If you are sure that you will not require any other type of special requirements that are beyond the scope of WordPress, such as the use of custom scripts or html based websites, for example. A dedicated WordPress.com Website Hosting plan is a recommended option,

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