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Why Unbounce?


Because dedicated landing pages matter.

Where it comes to focusing your website campaigns on a specific product or service, with the intent of encouraging conversions, a glitch-free experience is of prime importance.

Now, whilst the typical homepage is a great place for any visitor to start exploring a website. The problem lies in the fact that your homepage is normally ‘taxed’ by the extra processing of widgets, and other background software that often tends to create a bottleneck, in what would otherwise be a smooth flowing end-user experience.

This is why landing pages matter. Landing pages are typically optimised for speed and generating conversions, with only essential details and a call-to-action.


“Pinpoint” Conversion Focused Landing Pages

Due to the ‘slower loading’ homepage, you could say that landing pages help to compensate for the rate at which visitors may leave a homepage before taking any action. This is why landing pages are ideal for focusing on single items such as, let’ say an app, or a specific item of clothing.

“Pinpoint?” because unlike the typical homepage, a landing page has a “to-the-point”, or rather more direct approach to marketing, normally with a specific goal.

Of course besides promoting and selling software, landing pages are also great for generating conversions through promoting physical products and professional services.

All-in-all, a well optimised landing page will allow you to enjoy the benefits of both having a website or blog, as well as dedicated conversion focused pages.

Unbounce vs Instapage

Discovering new software can sometimes originate from the most obscure means. Take for instance, my story – where; Already familiar with Instapage, which I feel is a sound landing page solution. 

When I later, came across the name Unbounce, yeah, it was the name that grabbed my attention. I mean, after all, a high bounce rate is a less desired metric. And with the thoughtfulness behind the name Unbounce, “Hmmm, maybe worth a try…”

However, telling the difference between the two can be a very fuzzy affair. They are both popular landing page builder tools with in-demand features like A/B testing, form builder, templates, drag and drop feature, and real-time editing.

Now, whilst the differences may not be immediately visible judging by the speed in which new features and enhancement to software in general  takes place. Let’s just focus on some of the interesting points that currently highlight their differences.

A general picture to keep in mind though, is that; Instapage works best for enterprise marketing teams and agencies. whilst Unbounce, leads the way for SaaS, e-commerce teams, and agencies. Which still doesn’t really seem to separate them much. So, check out the following 3 points:

Instapage is known for being quick from the start and houses a ton of templates that look beautiful on any device and are completely adjustable via the Instapage drag-and-drop editor. You can match the font, color, and design of your existing website.

Unbounce also offers hundreds of ready-to-use templates but allows you to customize them much more easily. With Unbounce’s Classic Builder, you can design pages with lead capture forms, buttons, videos, and a whole lot more. Even better: Unbounce’s new Smart Builder uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help marketers create landing pages—spending less time building and more time converting.

Unfortunately, you’ll find many less than favorable reviews regarding customer service experiences when it comes to Instapage. While Instapage does offer a resource library, Unbounce makes it a point to let their customers know that they’re available with hands-on, award-winning support—offering unlimited phone, email, and chat services.

When it comes to price, Unbounce is the clear winner with more users and pages than Instapage, all for 60% less!

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Conversion Intelligence Platform
AI powered platform with intelligent landing pages, for ease-of-use content building and optimisation.

Smart Builder
Smart Traffic

Classic Unbounce
The conventional approach of experienced marketers, designers and developers, for custom landing pages.

• Classic Builder
• Popups and Sticky Bars
• Templates

Whilst many landing page platforms will look the same on the surface. There are a number of underlying factor that may affect your decision making, when choosing a landing page builder.  

It’s a matter of ensuring that your choice is able to help you all the way with building the landing page you actually want and need. And not something that will breakdown mid-way, or prove not to be up to scratch.

On that note…

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