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InVision Studio

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Why Invision Studio?

Okay, so you’re looking for an alternative to Adobe Xd…
So, w
hy choose InVision Studio?

If for any reason you happen to be looking for an alternative screen design program, I mean other than Adobe XdInVision Studio is a very good example of software that seem to have been designed by developers with a good grasp of what it is their users want out of a screen designer.

Now, although not as intuitive as with my most recent experience using Adobe XdInVision Studio is presently the other Screen Design app I would turn to for projects that require or can benefit form its use. But to be fair, if I wasn’t already familiar with using Adobe products, which all share common “Power User” navigational nuance.

I reckon Invision might just make it as first choice, especially as it also handles animation.

InVision Studio

Studio Artboards

Screen Design with Fluidity

Okay, so you’re looking for an alternative to Adobe Xd…
So, w
hy choose InVision Studio?

I’m not sure if that makes sense to you, but to clarify, once you’ve used and familiarised yourself with the short-hand commands for navigating and accessing hidden commands using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, for example. You can use the the same or similar commands using Adobe Xd. 

A Good examples of this are commands that include actions like, resizing text using the command + shift keys plus the > keys to increase and decrease the text size. Or, there is copying an item by clicking option and dragging… 

Knowing these little tricks all add to helping make the experience more natural and flowing. InVision Studio does have a little of its own flowing ability, which is why I recommend it as an elligible app alternative for all designers involved with building user interfaces and user experiences.

As for the collaborative aspects for working with team members. Invision Studio provides its own cloud service. So for design collaboration and getting feedback, you can share your work with colleagues using the Invision Cloud platform.

Invision Studio

Adobe Xd


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