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A visual collaboration tool that allows seamless navigation between diagrams, wireframes and prototypes.

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What is moqups?

Okay, so you’re probably thinking; yet another web design app that’s simple to use, has collaboration features, fonts and all the essential tools and UI icons, etc. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

So what makes us rate moqup as a software folder worthy featured product?

Well, besides what seems to be a ‘given’ these days in terms of the expectations of a professional web design app of this type. moqups at first glance seems to tick all the boxes and looks simple to learn. 

Here’s what you can build.


Landing pages

Mobile apps






Business strategy templates

As far as web framework and prototyping apps go, moqups is fairly impressive for the price. Navigate seamlessly between diagrams, wireframes and prototypes, with drag and drop, intuitive visual editing ease. 

I know, you’ve heard us say similar things about WordPress drag and drop web page builders and theme solutions. 

Well, the process or workflow for which moqups was designed is  relatively different from that of WordPress and is perhaps more of the type of software you’ll find within the Applications folder of a UI and UX designer.

Along with the concept of remote working (especially these days). It is becoming commonplace to also find such apps with features that allow collaboration. moqups is no different.

Create wireframes, mockups, flowcharts, mind maps, dashboards, strategic frameworks, and prototypes with team members on the fly.

Components ready for use with your designs...

A complete ecosystem of web development tools & resource in a single design environment.

Navigate seamlessly from initial diagram to wireframe and interactive prototypes, with drag and drop ease.

Not everyone is familiar with starting their web designs using diagrams, followed by a framework and then an interactive prototype. Which all takes place before embarking on the final product.

So, equipped with an easy to use interface, which has all the essential tools for the beginning stages of building apps and websites, let’s take a closer look at how moqups can find a way into any web designers workflow. 

The following are 3 features and benefits that help with the gentle learning curve you will experience when familiarising yourself with moqups.

a) drag and drop friendly visual editing

Makes editing nearer to being natural…

b) Switch between diagram, wireframe and prototyping mode without interruption to your workflow.

Readily breakdown your project into phases eg. diagram, wireframe…

c) Collaborate with other team members 

Collaborate with team members remotely.

Unlike the experience I have had personally with being introduced to website design and development apps such as moqups, is that, compared to other apps, moqups seems to prioritise the use of ready made templates as a ‘hero’ feature.

moqup ready templates

Example of a moqups landing page template...

And so, with the intention of building a landing page, I thought I’d try using an existing template in order to get a quick sense of the navigation and overall experience of using moqups.

Preview of customised landing page template.

It didn’t take long to work out how to perform basic tasks such as editing the text and changing the font and adding a logo. 

However, I think you’ll enjoy creating ‘Interactions’ more. You can use the following pointers if you decide to try moqups yourself.

image placeholder logo

Adding the logo was a simple case of importing the image to the ‘Project images’ panel, and dragging it onto the image  placeholder.

Unfortunately, there is only so much that moqups will allow before prompting you to upgrade. However, after exploring the app for half an hour or so, I think you’ll soon determine just how useful moqups will be as part of your web design and development ‘armoury’ of software.

Adding an interaction

To add an interaction to a button (a), simply navigate to the Interactions tab (b).

Now, from the Interaction tab, use the options available to configure the action you wish to apply. In this case;


i. Click or Tap (1) ( end-users action)

ii. Scroll to Object (action to apply)

iii. Select Target (object to target when the action is applied)

For this project we will target the Image Gallery / Products Shots (2) heading, which is located lower down the page.

Now select the target button (d), and then select the heading to complete the link between the button and the heading.

The page will now scroll to the selected heading every time the button is clicked.


What makes moqups worthy?

In short; moqups (moc – ups) is a fully featured web design and development app for creating website properties. It combines whiteboard, diagram, and design features.

Now, as mentioned, and in comparison to other similar apps. What we found to differentiate the moqups approach from similar apps, is its prioritised availability of ready made templates as a main feature and quick solution.

Which, as the example above demonstrated, makes creating landing pages incredibly simple, without losing the capability of customisation.

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