Using Luminar AI Templates

So, now you have the most intelligent photo editing app on your computer – What now?

Luminar AI Automatically Analyses Your Photos....

From the moment you open a photograph for editing using LuminarAI, the Artificial Intelligence is instantly put to work, analysing and identifying problems. After analysis LuminarAI makes editing suggestions based on the Templates approach to faster photo editing.

What are Luminar AI Templates?

From what I have seen so far, the best way to think of using Luminar AI’s Templates, is as a quick method for reaching a starting point for your final editing. 

Although, there are the few occasions where Luminar AI will render a perfectly satisfactory result “right off the bat”, leaving you with little to no additional editing.

In my opinion, I can see that the Luminar AI Template feature will help to alleviate the anxiety that some professional photographers seem to have when tackling a photographic piece that needs editing by someone with knowledge and skills for using specific software tools. 

It also helps greatly with producing a consistent appearance across a number of photographs, for let’s say, a wedding project, or fashion shoot, for example.

To get started on your mac, simply drag an image from your desktop straight to the Luminar AI application icon.

After you have successfully installed Luminar AI you’ll obviously want to take it for a spin, just to make sure that it truly fits with your existing photo editing workflow…

With Luminar AI correctly installed, you can use the following shortcut as a method for immediately get started with Luminar AI, and using Templates. 

Luminar AI evoke apps menu bar
Select and drag image

From your Desktop, drag the image you wish to edit over the Luminar AI app icon located within your app menu panel. This will immediately open the file and your photo will appear ready for editing.

Photo Editing Results are Relative...

Now, what you may find, and this is dependent on the make-up of your specific photo, that some of the editing options appear to have very little to no effect. Whilst others have a more obvious and dramatic effect as in the gif example above. Of course this should be expected, as the lighting conditions and other factors are at play for each of your individual photos.

As of December 15th, the very first public release of Luminar AI will be available for purchase. Download your copy today using the button below.

*discount subject to availability


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