Action Travel Photographer (FPV)

ACTION TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER 2 Table of Contents See Action Travel Photographer – Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBiO2TN3Loo A visual showcase of the Island of Saint Lucia, demonstrating the DJI Mavic Pro foldable drone in action.   Action Travel Photography:  Alen St.Hilaire As a pastime UK born, Alen enjoys traveling the world and capturing memories through photos and…


How to Start a Low-Risk Photography Business Today​

SoftwareFolder CreatorHub So, you are thinking of making your portfolio available on the internet for sharing and selling your artwork in a secure e-commerce-ready environment. Here is how to start the easy way… Continue Table of Contents Register business name Start a Low-Risk Photography Business Today STEP ONE: Low-risk photography business As someone that spends…


2. Print on Demand: One-Time-Purchase Graphic Designs

SoftwareFolder 2. Print-on-Demand: Graphics You Buy Once and Sell Forever… How to compliantly start selling ready-for-print licensed designs… Continue Introducing Vexels 100% In-house Graphic Designs The Vexel mock-up generator As with our previously mentioned print-on-demand, noteworthy business tool, Vexel also has a super simple mock-up generator for importing and applying *your designs to the following…

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

Photography Classic High Dynamic Range Photography and Aurora HDR What is HDR? In a short, High Dynamic Range or HDR Photography is a photographic process that uses a wide spectrum of photographic data in order to attain an images optimum amount of detail. Typically this involves combining 2 or more photos, shot at different exposures, known…

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A Dive Deeper Into Luminar Neo Image Editing

Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing Software.
When Images are More Than Just Photos​. If you haven’t been keeping up with our previous posts introducing the image editors new “go-to” application, Luminar Neo. Check out the posts for more insights on what to expect using the grey buttons below.