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Automation, Speed, Conversion Focused All-in-One; From Online Courses to Agency Website, Thrive Suite is the Pro WordPress Solution for Web Creators… 

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Thrive Suite is perhaps the most serious all-in-one visual web site page builder around. If you are ready to start a serious website for your existing business Thrive Suite is the perfect one-stop WordPress solution for building conversion focused websites in an intuitive page building environment…


Thrive Suite for WordPress

Thrive Apprentice

A Thrive Suite Heads-up

The only thing you need to know about Thrive Suite before buying, is that unlike the typical method of handling WordPress plugins and themes. You will need to first install the Thrive Themes Product Manager.

The Thrive Product Manager is necessary for accessing and installing the Thrive products you have purchased.

Once installed, you will be able to install and activate all the following Thrive Suite products on your website 

This is the tool you want to use for streamlining your online courses.

If you create online courses, Thrive Apprentice is an excellent option for helping streamline your online courses user experience.

Ever thought about building your own theme design layout? 
Theme Builder: Take full control of your websites appearance with Thrive Theme & Thrive Architect. Learn more about use with WooCommerce from scratch and Shapeshift for…

Pixel perfect visual editing in WordPress. Design custom layout exactly as you imagined. Templates included for quick customisation.

Thrive Architect: “ThriveArchitect is one powerful tool.” A true drag and drop visual editor for WordPress. Your first and last choice for building professional looking WordPress landing pages, websites and other custom pages – Plus more.


Custom web forms of all shapes and sizes and functions

Thrive Leads: Build practically any type of website form, from pop-ups to pop under, light box, exit, you name it, and more…


Build triggered automations between your plugins and third-party services

Thrive Quiz Builder: When you are ready to engage with your audience – Warm-up, with a few quizzes to ‘break the ice’.


Ovation, in a sense, is about social proof. A useful set-and-forget testimonial plugin for WordPress


Made with the non-techie in mind. Simply put, Thrive Optimize is your best add-on option for A/B Testing with your WordPress website.


Focused at encouraging engagement, Thrive Comments is one of those seldom thought of solutions for building a responsive community. Learn more


Thrive Ultimatum: “Not last and not least…” Thrive Ultimatum is your ‘widget’ for highlighting urgency. Let your visitors know when time is running out for them to buy your great offers…

Thrive Suite Agency License

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Thrive Architect

Thrive Suite for Agencies

Agency may use websites they create from scratch for client use; personalisation or ownership and as part of an extended service.

So, that includes selling websites that are using a Thrive Theme, without your client having to purchase a license of their own.

However, without obtaining a license of their own clients cannot use the theme on any other site or transfer the theme from the original site. [ read details here ]


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All product options include 
Thrive Automator

Thrive Theme Builder + Thrive Architect 
(with 1 site license) for $167/year

Thrive Architect 
(with 1 site license) for $97/year

Thrive Architect & Thrive Optimize 
(with 1 site license) for $167/year

Thrive Apprentice 
(with 1 site license) for $97/year

Thrive Quiz Builder 
(with 1 site license) for $97/year

Thrive Leads 
(with 1 site license) for $97/year

Thrive Ovation 
(with 1 site license) for $47/year

Thrive Comments 
(with 1 site license) for $47/year

Thrive Ultimatum 
(with 1 site license) for $97/year


What is Thrive Suite and how much does it cost?

Thrive Suite has to date, been our most highly recommended WordPress solution for serious business prospects, clients and communities…

Thrive Suite is now $299 per year (or $99 per quarter) for 5 site licenses.

Shapeshift Pre-build Templates

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