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Thrive Apprentice 4.0 is a game changer for content creators who want to protect and sell ALL their digital products flexibly — the official public reveal is Wednesday 22 December, 2021!  

Learn more about the awesome new features that will be in the Thrive Apprentice 4.0 release using the  reveal button below. Plus, check some of the questions people are asking about Thrive Apprentice.

content and web creator appeal

Thrive Apprentice will appeal to a wide range of people. From agencies, developers, website creators, freelancers and skilled employers to coaching experts and professionals wanting an all-in-one WordPress solution.

Yes, especially if you have a course or training program, that includes building a community or membership, then most definitely.

To learn more you will need to attend the Feature Reveal Event here: Reveal

As part of a suite of intuitive WordPress web creation and conversion focused marketing tools, Thrive Apprentice is fully supported with all the possible features and integrations you will need for providing students with private or agency online courses and training projects.


For a package that would otherwise cost you more in the range of 1000s of dollars if cobbled together or, compared to other professional platforms. Thrive Apprentice, included with Thrive Suite, currently costs $228 / year.

Compared to many other solutions Thrive Apprentice provides a professional, powerful and highly customisable solution for WordPress users. And as part of a suite of tools, Thrive Apprentice works seamlessly alongside its sibling WordPress plugins.

Thrive Apprentice includes the Thrive Suite of tools for $228/year. This includes lead generation and other conversion focused tools.

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 promises to shake things up for course and content creators BIG TIME. In an exclusive behind the scenes webinar I attended, Thrive Themes showcased some of the powerful new features coming to their course building product. It’s all still very hush-hush right now… but, on Wednesday 22 December, 2021 they’ll be showcasing exactly how it lets WordPress users Sell Anything and Customize Everything. It’s a complete digital product game charger and one worth looking out for. See you there! 

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