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Conversion focused WordPress tools that all work seamlessly together.

Thrive Suite for WordPress


Thrive Suite; the all-in-one smoothie…

This sleek offering from the Thrive Themes Lab is a definitive improvement on how Agencies can answer all their website marketing related needs in one. 

The suite gives you access to the famous Thrive Architect, a powerful WordPress visual page builder. And you wont lose your designs if you deactivate the plugin either. You, see Thrive Architect has been built with careful consideration for the needs of creators; solopreneurs, educators, marketers and agencies.

Starting at only $19 USD/ month, you can build purposeful websites with access to all the essential features necessary to run a conversion focused website or ecommerce store, hence eliminating the need for many of the other WordPress plugins you may be currently using. [ About Thrive Architect ]



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Thrive Suite Tools List

Thrive Suite is not just an All-in-One website and content building ecosystem. It’s a conversion toolkit, with software that all work seamlessly together. Here’s What We Find Especially Useful.


Thrive Architect: “ThriveArchitect is one powerful tool.” A true drag and drop visual editor for WordPress. Your first and last choice for building professional looking WordPress landing pages, websites and other custom pages – Plus more.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads: Build practically any type of website form, from pop-ups to pop under, light box, exit, you name it, and more…


This is the tool you want to use for streamlining your online courses.

Thrive Theme builder

Theme Builder: Take full control of your websites appearance with Thrive Theme & Thrive Architect. Learn more about use with WooCommerce from scratch and Shapeshift for…


Thrive Quiz Builder: When you are ready to engage with your audience – Warm-up, with a few quizzes to ‘break the ice’.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum: Not last and not least… Thrive Ultimatum is your device for generating urgency. Let your visitors know when time is running out for them to buy your great offers…

Plus, there’s more to explore…

Thrive Comments

Geared at encouraging engagement, Thrive Comments is one of those seldom thought of solutions for building a responsive community.

Thrive Ovation

Ovation, in a sense, is about social proof. A useful set-and-forget testimonial plugin for WordPress

THRIVE Optimize

Made with the non-techie in mind. Simply put, Thrive Optimize is your best add-on option for A/B Testing with your WordPress website.

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Thrive Suite comprises of custom built WordPress plugins and themes that work seamlessly together at performing conversion focused tasks.

Build beautiful and professional looking websites just as you imagined ( or at least as is practical ).

Create streamlined courses and build an online community.

Install the popular WooCommerce and you’re away…

See if ThriveSuite can handle your website and content needs today.


Thrive Architect  –
“The Visual Content Page Builder.”

Anyone who is a long time user of Thrive Themes, may recall how the prolific Thrive Architect started life. The journey has been one of constant anticipation for the next new innovative feature.

Starting out as the Thrive Content Page Builder, the page building concept of simplicity and design flexibility has manifest in the form of Thrive Architect. Which has certainly become one of the leading options for building websites and managing content amongst professional creators.

Favoured by agencies, marketers and entrepreneur types, Thrive Architect provides a professional environment for building, from simple landing pages, to more complex online courses, membership sites, and other ‘goal’ focused websites. 

Thrive Architect introduces users to an intuitive, visual drag and drop interface.


Frequently asked questions

What is Thrive Suite and where can I buy it?

Thrive Suite is a subscription based all-in-one website and content building ecosystem.

Access provides users with all the tools necessary to build custom website Themes with Conversion Focused Tools that work seamlessly together.

You can sign up for access here

Can I just purchase Thrive Architect, without a subscription?

No. However, if you already own a copy of a stand-alone Thrive product such as Thrive Architect, you may continue to use it and receive updates.

(watch for updates on this topic)

How much does Thrive Suite cost?

The Standard Subscription is $228 a year ($19/month)

Agency License is $558 a year

(see official or updated pricing)

How many websites can I use with Thrive Suite?

Currently you can use up to 25 websites with a standard subscription.

An Agency License will allow you up to 50 websites.

What tools are available with Thrive Suite?

Thrive Theme Builder >

Thrive Architect >

Thrive Quiz Builder >

Thrive Leads >

Thrive Ovation >

Thrive Comments >

Thrive Optimize >

Thrive Ultimatum >

Thrive Apprentice >

Thrive Headline Optimizer >

Thrive Clever Widgets >

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