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Thrive Apprentice Revealed

WordPress Course Building Game Changer

Can we now say that Thrive Apprentice is officially a WordPress Membership Website Plugin?

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Sell Anything and Customise Everything, is somewhat becoming the new Thrive Suite mantra…


Although it was already possible to build membership based websites using Thrive Apprentice…

…It’s official, Thrive Apprentice is now a full-fledged membership plugin. But that’s not all, far from it…

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Drip Schedules

If by chance you have already come across the practice of “content dripping”. Can we claim to be the first to introduce you to Thrive Apprentice 4.0,  the most powerful drip solution ever created for building online courses – with powerful drip scheduling features.

Yes,  besides creating your own from scratch, Thrive Apprentice 4.0 conveniently comes with six, easy-to-use drip schedule templates. 

Managed using a visual timeline that shows how students will access their content, you can intuitively add or edit, unlock conditions for releasing course materials at specific intervals. 

Drip for Thrive Apprentice even lets you hide upcoming lessons until preset conditions are met, meaning you can surprise students with hidden modules!


Feature highlights: 

• Precision lesson scheduling for online course content

• 6 fully customizable drip schedule templates (including the ability to create your own from scratch)

• Make changes to drip schedules with a visual drag and drop editor

De-coupled Drip

With De-coupled Drip you can assign multiple drip schedules per course and sell them as separate Thrive Apprentice Products. Now, how handy is that?

This unique feature eliminates  the laborious process of having to duplicate the same course in order to provide varying offers or availability.

For example, you might want to launch and sell a course, first as a cohort drip course, and then as an evergreen drip course later on.

With a centralised means for managing your content, which makes things super convenient, you can now easily deploy a variety of drip strategies for a single course throughout the year.

Just to elaborate, you can give students instant access to all the content in a multiple course bundle all at once, or create separate drip schedules that only trigger once a student takes the first lesson of each course. 

Feature highlights: 

Launch independent drip schedules for different student intakes of the same course throughout the year (ideal for cohort courses)

• Release course content with complete drip scheduling flexibility

• Make changes to drip schedules with a visual drag and drop editor

Conditional Display

With Conditional Display, you can now personalise experiences, such as when building, let’s say, a pricing table that shows one price to non-customers and a different price to existing customers — and this is all on the exact same sales page. How cool is that?

Now, what this mean for your online business is that you can even hide or display different blocks of content amongst logged-in users that have different WordPress roles on your website (like subscriber, author or editor).

Release ‘sneak peeks’ of premium content that can be shared on social media, but require purchase to gain full access

Create single pages that include multiple Premium content assets (that must each be purchased separately) like a Premium Resources Page, a Digital Downloads Page or an eBook Library

Membership Products

With its new flexible digital products layer Thrive Apprentice 4.0 allows users to create and sell product combinations from any content on their WordPress website. 

You see, when customers buy a Thrive Apprentice Product, they also purchase access to the content which that product protects. 

This is configured through a set of easy-to-use access restrictions and display rules. Which means you are no longer required to have any other dedicated WordPress membership plugin installed. 

Yes, that’s right, you can now restrict and sell access to specific pages, posts, content categories or even custom post types.

You can even create a premium members area without making an online course.       


Feature highlights: 

• Functions as a full membership plugin for WordPress

• Allows you to sell flexible combinations and variations of ANY website content

• Display custom messages to non-members or customers attempting to access restricted content




Optimize for conversion and lead generation.

Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Suite are best suited for bloggers, marketers, and small business owners who want to create a professional and high-converting website.

With the goal of improving conversion rates and boosting sales, the available tools are designed to help users build and optimize websites, landing pages, sales pages, and opt-in forms.

Overall, Thrive Suite provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, along with pre-designed templates, custom-designed themes, and a variety of conversion optimization tools, making it accessible for people with little to no coding experience.

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Where to get the best price today


Price Increase for Thrive Suite

Sooner or later It had to happen. 

With so much value being offered you can imagine the minds of current long term users;

–  “ How much longer will this last?” You could hear them say.

Well, unfortunately that time has come, although, there is still the opportunity, during the product feature reveal period, to get yourself through the door at the current super value for money price.

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 will be available as a free update to all existing Thrive Suite customers on Tuesday, 25 January 2022.


See below to get access at the lowest possible price if you’re not already a customer….


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