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Absolute (Full) Visual Editing

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Introducing The Thrive Apprentice Learning Management System Plugin.


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What is a (LMS) Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS), is a software application for managing educational courses and training programs. This may include; the automated delivery of relevant content to subscribers, to the arrangement and streamlining of content for the most optimum and personalised user experience.

What is Thrive Apprentice?

After exploring other Learning Management Systems it’s clear to see that the latest Thrive Apprentice, a  ThriveSuite plugin,  is ‘hands-down’ the most desirable WordPress course builder on the market.

Yes, it has full drag-and-drop visual editing capabilities allowing you complete design freedom of your page layouts. Imagine the power of Thrive Themes BuilderThrive Architect and Thrive Apprentice, combined.

Okay, now hold that thought…

Now think of how you’d really like to have your online courses and accompanying content presented.

With even more control over your web page layouts, branding and functionality. In my opinion, Thrive Apprentice will definitely have a lot of online course owners and web developers reconsider how they build their membership sites. (Get Thrive Suite Today)

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Who is Thrive Apprentice for?

After the last ‘webinar meet’ with the guys at Thrive Themes. It was instantly clear to see that Thrive Apprentice has all the features and flexibility that anyone will find to be like a gift from the ‘WordPress God’.

No, seriously, this makes all the other similar offerings seem a little antiquated. And especially where it comes to aesthetics.

However, aesthetics is one thing, whilst encouraging conversions is another. And for which you are well covered with access to the other 9 conversion focused plugins, all part of the Thrive Suite package.

So, who is Thrive Apprentice for?

Well, err, whilst Thrive Apprentice is perfectly tailored for educators; coaches, training programs and most online courses, anyone wishing to sell their knowledge and expertise can benefit from using Thrive Apprentice.

And if you can’t do it yourself, there are a number of Thrive Suite experts, tutorials and other support available online. (Although, it is drag and drop simple!)

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How do I get a copy of Thrive Apprentice?

Thrive Apprentice is part of the Thrive Suite of WordPress conversion focused tools. And has been well received by online educators and course creators around the globe.

As part of the Thrive Suite toolkit , Thrive Apprentice plays nicely with the other Thrive Suite plugins and wherever integration is applicable. So, when it comes to creating funnels, automations and deploying typical content marketing strategies, you can seamlessly enhance, or even replace, your current content marketing workflow and toolset with Thrive Suite.

Thrive Apprentice Course Builder Cover

Thrive Apprentice Course Builder​ Cover

What makes Thrive Apprentice so Special?

 If you take a look at other LMS offerings available, you’ll invariably find that they all suffer some kind of disadvantage concerning their  ease of use, flexibility and customisation.

Thrive Apprentice allows complete design control over your entire online course environment, in drag and drop mode, and has a suite of tools to compliment its use. Which includes the likes of Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and more.

With ThriveSuite conversion focused tools you can readily take control over the look and managing of your WordPress membership sites.

Here’s what you can do with Thrive Suite:

  1. Visually customize any aspect of your WordPress theme (yes, even headers, footers, and sidebars) with Thrive Theme Builder.
  2. Take advantage of 100’s of pre-built and conversion-focused landing pages to get more opt-ins and sales with Thrive Architect.
  3. Create and deploy lead generation forms anywhere on your website to grow you email list with Thrive Leads.
  4. Build engaging quizzes to engage and segment your visitors with Thrive Quizzes.
  5. Create scarcity marketing campaigns and countdown timers with Thrive Ultimatum.


Well, let’s face it, currently Thrive Apprentice is the only reputable WordPress tool of its kind that allows complete design control over an entire online course environment, plus you get more value for money than with similar offering.

As part of the Thrive conversion focused suite of tools, you get access to the whole ThriveSuite package for roughly the same price you would pay for some “premium” WordPress themes.

“The latest update for Thrive Apprentice has completely changed the game when it comes to building and selling online courses with WordPress!”


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How to hire a student marketer ARCADIUM

Thrive Apprentice

Welcome to Smart Automations for WordPress…

Want to be able to automatically send content to subscribers after they have completed a step in your sales funnel?

Then, this is the automation tool for you.



Do I need a membership site plugin?

No, and Yes, it depends what you are doing. However, Thrive Apprentice is capable of performing basic membership functions such as restricting content to only paying students, for example.

How Do I Start Building A Course?

Your first step is to access the Thrive Apprentice dashboard. You will have received your login details when signing up for ThriveSuite

Now, from your WordPress dashboard select the Thrive Apprentice tab.

Launching  for the first time will give you the option to use the setup Wizard…

Is it Possible to Sell Course Bundles?

Yes, the simple answer.

Do I have to Use Thrive Cart As My Payment Gateway?

It is the recommended solution – because it works well. However, you can work around…

NB: Thrive Cart is NOT a Thrive Themes company.

Can I use Woocommerce with Thrive Apprentice?

Yes, Thrive Apprenctice works nicely with Woocommerce.

“Bringing ideas to life is the challenge creators face on almost every project. 
At Software Folder not only do we inspire creators with tips and creative resource. We inspire by example…”

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