Once upon a time there was an ‘it’

No one knew how to describe ‘it’,
or tell ‘it’ apart from all the other ‘its’. 

This led to a lot of confusion.
And, repeated questioning, such as…

oddbod it

...Who are you, again?

As much as ‘it’ tried to stand out from the other ‘its’. ‘It’ somehow just blended into the background – kinda like a Ninja. 

‘It’ needed a strategy, something that made it different from the other ‘its’. Something unique…

And then ‘it’ came across ‘this...’

A unique logo

‘this’ is how to give your ‘it’ a face of its own.

uneek kiss

With your own face people can distinguish your ‘it’ from all the other ‘its’. And therefore can rightfully assign credit to your ‘it’
– when you deserve it.

uneek poster bronze

And so, here is a new ‘typeface’ we are thinking of calling it…

oddbod logo 1

you can wear ‘it’ when it arrives.

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