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Free Luminar Extensions

Free Luminar Extensions? Please Note that the Free Luminar Extensions Offer is No Longer Available. However, you may be eligible for other and future offers such as the offer originally mentioned via this post. For more content on Free Image Editing software visit: Free Image Editors What you’ll need for getting started with using Luminar…

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Why masking in Neo is better?

SoftwareFolder AI Powered Image Masking Luminar Neo 1.0.6 has landed. Just as the enthusiasm and popularity of NFT Photography started to grow, we are pleasantly distracted yet again, as Skylum software releases what can be considered the second most significant update since the launch of Luminar Neo back in February 2022. Impressed with the recent re-introduction…

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Excire Foto 2024

AI Foto Manager Ushering photographers into an era of seamless automation and image management, Exicir Foto 2024, is powered by 5 cutting-edge AI models. These AI models Include a prompt-search AI, that allows users to instantly retrieve images by inputting text descriptions, and an X-tetics AI that intelligently rates each image based on its aesthetic qualities. Excire…

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Luminar Neo Official Launch

SoftwareFolder creators@ Luminar Neo OFFICIAL LAUNCHA brief recap from the release of the amazing Luminar 4, through to the official launch of the evolutionary Luminar Neo, the next generation of significant innovations by Skylum software Enter Luminar Neo Table of Contents Skylum Reinventing Traditional Photo Editing. Luminar Neo Official Launch Luminar Neo Official Release: Succeeding previous versions,…

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A Dive Deeper Into Luminar Neo Image Editing

Dive Even Deeper with Luminar Neo Image Editing Software.
When Images are More Than Just Photos​. If you haven’t been keeping up with our previous posts introducing the image editors new “go-to” application, Luminar Neo. Check out the posts for more insights on what to expect using the grey buttons below.