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SetApp: No.1 Software For Every Possible Task.


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Access to an App for Every Tasks

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How much is Setapp?

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Task Driven Software Toolkit & AI Assistant

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What is Setapp?

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What is Setapp?

How Setapp helps with everyday tasks by suggesting suitable tools.

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Setapp was first released  in 2017 by the Ukrainian software company MacPaw, and has since grown into what some have described as the Netflix for software.

As a subscription-based service for macOS and iOS applications. Setapp provides access to a growing collection of software from different talented developers, all for a simple fixed and affordable monthly fee.

Covering App categories such as productivity, lifestyle, web development, Mac maintenance, creativity, writing, education, and personal finance. There are hundreds of apps at your disposal for when you need to get things done.

Putting Tasks Before Tools.

Over the years we have dabbled with so many different software applications, that we have developed a tendency to spot clever, innovative and genuinely useful software. 

Now pay attention, because a clever or innovative software, contrary to what one might expect, does not always make a useful piece of software. Especially if the software is not suited for your individual and specific tasks. 

Of course there are other factors, such as user temperament, skill level, experience and having the propensity to learn new things. And then there is the matter of time. You are busy, and so you want results to viable software solutions fast.

Well, over the years, we have also seen a myriad of similar software apps competing with each other across different platforms and service offerings. Things can get pretty hectic for what could be a simple task of finding the right software for the task at hand.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that goes; “Unity is Strength”. Well, that’s exactly what you could say about the SetApp software philosophy.

A simple app that lays quietly in the background ready to provide you with software suggestion for whatever task you are faced with.

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How much does Setapp cost?

Setapp is available in 3 plans; Power User, Mac + iOS and Mac.


Enjoy Setapp on all your devices. 4 Mac Available on iOS devices


$14.99/mo LEARN MORE


For those who do everything on their Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 1 Mac Available on iOS devices


$12.49/mo LEARN MORE 5/5


Your one and only Mac.




SetApp is one of the better solution of its kind, with a non obtrusive approach to accessing and buying software that you actually need for specific tasks.

It is also very affordable for busy individuals; including freelancers and small agencies.

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