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The What Should I Do Now App?

Now, whilst I personally, as I’m sure there are many other creators, have always had the idea of a business app that was so in-tune with the users activity and general status that it was able to provide the most optimal choices for decision making.

So, for example, you may be finding it hard to decide on which of your products to invest the most advertising spend on, or ultimately, knowing what are the most prudent actions you can take for the day.

The app would be capable of knowing which current trends and other useful data in the digital realm is relevant to your specific growth and within your actionable parameters. With current and ongoing AI developments this looks more and more possible today.

I get the feeling that Tailwind can help with the foundational aspects of a business marketing solution as described above.

Learn more about Tailwind Create and the Tailwind Features.

Tailwind for Instagram is designed to help businesses and social media managers to plan, publish, and analyze their Instagram content.

It includes features such as a drag-and-drop content calendar, automatic hashtag suggestions, analytics and insights, and a variety of scheduling options to help users maximize their reach and engagement on the platform.