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Studio Light AI Editing Tool

Studio Light –
AI Editing Tool

Discover the power of
Luminar Neo Extensions 

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Studio Light AI (Beta)

Courtesy of the creative team at Skylum, the first new tool we were able to get our hands on, is the amazing Studio Light (Beta), which is a creative tool for portrait photography that faithfully replicate lightning effects normally achieved with expensive studio equipment.

After playing around and tweaking images with the Studio Light toolset, I suspect that you too will soon gather the idea of the scope of possibilities this tools provides.

Easy to use, easy to work-out

Readily add more to your photographic storytelling with as subtle as you like light effects. Or maybe, push the boundaries to create something unique. I’m picturing something Sci-Fi (so watch this space).

But first, with an existing photo, the aim below was to create an image demonstrating the simple use of Studio Light and how it can add “situational cues” or context to your image.

studiolight panel
TechGirl IMG 1211 02 copy
Studio Light Venetian Blinds Typographic Poster

Studio Light Controls

Great for developing visual concepts for posters and other graphics material, with Studio Light, you can easily add a whole new dimension to your portrait photos.

Using Studio Light

studio light panel demo

As with most Luminar Neo image editing, making adjustments to your photos with Studio Light will never allow you to lose your original image.

With non-destructive editing, users are able to make multiple changes with the capability and 

This being one of the most significant updates since Luminar 4, offers the same sleek interface but packed with an assortment of powerful tools to help you bypass the tidiest chores of previous methods for editing photos.

This being one of the most significant updates since Luminar 4, offers the same sleek interface but packed with an assortment of powerful tools to help you bypass the tidiest chores of previous methods for editing photos.

Studio Light AI and other Luminar Neo Tools…

Studio Light 5 ©puhhha 600h@puhhh

Studio Light
A creative tool for portrait photographers that faithfully replicate lightning effects usually achieved with expensive technical equipment in the studio and breathes new life into older photos. With Studio Light, creators can easily add a whole new dimension to portrait photos

Scene Expand After©Yuliya Kirayonak600 jpg©Yuliya Kirayonak


This tool enables users to extend the boundaries of their photos, adding a new dimension to original compositions. Whether creating panoramic landscapes or adding breathing room to favorite images, SceneExpand offers the ability to break free from traditional aspect ratios and unlock new creative possibilities.

Water Enhancer 2 ©Dmitry Molchanov 600 copy©Dmitry Molchanov


Water Enhancer
Designed to enhance water features in aquatic scenes, giving landscape photos greater visual impact  

Luminar ©Look Studio GenErase 3 ©Shyntartanya copy©Shyntartanya


A next-generation Erase tool that not only removes unwanted distractions from your images but also replaces those areas using content-aware tools, providing a focused and distraction-free composition. 

This feature preserves the integrity of your photos by intelligently filling in the gaps with textures and other elements to match the surrounding area. GenErase can seamlessly remove objects like trash, street signs, vehicles, graffiti, and more to preserve the beauty of the composition.

SceneSwap 2 ©ivankyryk 600©ivankyryk


Let users replace specific elements (such as the sky or foreground) with high-quality AI-generated visuals that blend seamlessly with the rest of the photo. Imagine a stunning sunset replacing the dull, overcast sky or crystal-clear azure waters instead of a murky pond in your photos.

Luminar new AI assistive capabilities ©Look Studio copy©Look Studio


Neon & Glow: 
Elevate your creations with impressive lighting effects.

This tool will allow photographers to overcome challenges such as inadequate lighting conditions and seamlessly blend visually-striking neon elements into the composition, making them even more intriguing. 

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