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How to avoid annoying storage and security problems


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It will happen eventually and whether you are ready, or not, is totally down to you…


Imagine the stress and inconvenience and dilemma of not even having enough disk space on your Mac in order to save that all important video edit you’ve just spent hours working on. 

Your external hard drives are jam packed with files you dare not delete. And you don’t have many other viable options  How annoying is that?

No matter how careful you are, the time will come when the management of your files; your photos, videos, eps and tiff files, audio files, and the other numerous file formats and documents will become a priority. And you’d prefer a quick reliable fix.

Annoying Mac Moments

Annoying Computer Issues

About Storage

Optimising the performance of your mac is an equally important task. Besides the more obvious methods of managing the storage of your files, for example; using an external hard drive, as well as let’s say, an iCloud Drive. 

There is nothing more annoying than trying to work with a sluggish computer. Where every push of your mouse or stylus feels like ploughing through mud.

Now, CleanMyMac, helps with alleviating this torture by keeping tabs on the multitude of files on your mac and watching out for anything that seems mischievous..