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Recommended creative and content marketing tools and resource.

Image Editing & Photo Assets

Definitive app solutions for professional photographers and photo-artist

Artificial intelligence

From Chatbots to Image generators – AI is Everywhere. Here are some insights…

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Customer Relationship Management Software and Support Tools

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Design & Marketing

Design is at the core and underlying foundation of a brands presence.

Whilst most new businesses may not be able to afford to hire creative marketing services –

What if you are someone that posses the necessary skills, knowledge, or simply have the propensity to; build and design your own website, curate and manage your own social media advertising, and so on?

Today, as an individual with experience in the creative industry, you may find yourself following the familiar trend of starting an online business. Maybe just as a side-hassle, but most definitely with a serious and defiant approach.

From a business website, to the creative assets used for promotional material, design consideration is an essential component for success.  

Following are the software solutions we can confidently recommend for hands-on creators and business owners.

Read-on to learn which software we recommend as definitive solutions for hands-on creators and business owners like you.

Design & Marketing Software Solutions

Whilst most new businesses can afford to hire creative services –

What if you are someone that posses the necessary skills and knowledge, or simply have the propensity to; build and design your own website, curate and manage your own social media advertising, and so on?

The Software Hub comes into play by leveraging years of experience, insights, and exploration of various software solutions that cater to real people, and create tangible business opportunities.



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Photo Editing

Photographic images make valuable assets when seeking attention…

Overall, photographs can be incredibly valuable marketing assets as they have the power to engage and inspire an audience, communicate a message effectively, and create a strong brand image.

Photographs can be incredibly valuable assets in marketing for several reasons: 

1. Visual appeal: Humans are naturally attracted to visual content, and photographs can capture attention more effectively than text alone. Good quality and well-composed photographs can help to create a positive first impression and engage the audience. 

2. Communicating a message: A photograph can convey a message or story much more effectively than words alone. They can help to communicate a product’s features, benefits, and unique selling points. 

3. Branding: Photographs can be used to create a consistent brand image by using similar styling and themes across all marketing materials. This helps to reinforce the brand’s message and creates recognition and familiarity among the target audience. 

4. Social media: Social media platforms are image-heavy, and photographs can be incredibly effective in generating engagement and building a following. High-quality photographs can help to increase likes, shares, and comments, which in turn can lead to increased brand exposure and sales. 

5. E-commerce: Photographs are essential for e-commerce sites as they give customers a clear and accurate view of the product they are buying. They can help to showcase a product’s features and benefits, and give customers confidence in their purchase.

Luminar Neo

In short, Luminar Neo is a powerful AI powered image editing software, that helps  professional photographers and photo-artist realize their image editing goals faster and easier than previous photo editing methods .

With its sleek interface and intuitive toolsets, Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing software that can help both amateur and professional photographers elevate their images to new heights. Whether you are looking to make simple adjustments to your photos or create complex composites and artistic masterpieces, Luminar Neo has the tools and features to help you achieve your vision.

One of the standout features of Luminar Neo is its AI-powered editing tools, which can automatically enhance your photos with just a few clicks. With AI Accent and AI Sky Enhancer, for example, you can quickly and easily bring out the best in your images without having to spend hours tweaking individual settings.

“To boot”, Luminar Neo offers a wide range of advanced editing tools, such as Layers and Masks, and non destructive editing, that allow you to confidently have full creative control over your edits.

Whether you are a professional photographer or just starting out, Luminar Neo is a powerful and intuitive tool that can help you take your images to the next level.



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Artificial Intelligence

Although with some controversy, Artificial Intelligence has grabbed hold of everyones attention at some level…

Before we even delve into how you can use AI in your business. Let’s first take a look at 3 significant industries that AI technology has had some positive affects.

AI has the potential to transform the healthcare industry by improving diagnostic accuracy, drug discovery, and personalized treatment. For example, AI-powered imaging tools can help doctors detect diseases like cancer at an early stage, while natural language processing (NLP) can be used to analyze electronic health records (EHRs) and identify patterns that may indicate potential health issues.

AI has revolutionized the finance industry by enabling banks and other financial institutions to automate many of their processes, such as fraud detection, risk management, and customer service. AI algorithms can also be used to predict market trends, allowing traders to make informed decisions about buying and selling stocks.

AI has helped to make manufacturing processes more efficient and cost-effective. By using machine learning algorithms to analyze data from sensors and other sources, manufacturers can optimize production and reduce waste. Additionally, AI-powered robots and other automation tools can perform tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for human workers, increasing safety and productivity in the manufacturing industry.

Noteworthy AI Software

Now, if you are wondering how you may introduce AI into your business workflow, we have listed our recommendations below, which inevitably includes ChatGPT which besides the standard interface, can be  extended with added Chrome browser extensions such as, AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts or other plugins.

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Productivity & Office

Behind the scenes of every business is the machinery that helps keep things running…

However, creators and busy business owners like yourself, probably do not have the time to dive deep into the mechanics of coding and building everything from absolute scratch. 

Besides that, and especially if you are just starting out, you may not have the budget to hire professionals to do the job for you.

And so, it’s a good thing that there are plenty of apps and platforms that help with streamlining your productivity, collaboration and other back-office tasks.

Here is a range of our recommended business tools for managing, promoting and monitoring the performance of your creative assets and content in action…