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SodaPDF for Mac & PC

A complete PDF solution with Optical Character Recognition and E-signature capability…

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About PDFs?

A PDF, or Portable Document Files is a special format that allows documents to be saved in a preserved state, i.e. in a format that is not readily editable.

Used for various types of documents including; user manuals, ebooks and forms, the PDF has long been a considered a useful and reliable format for distributing read-only documents with preserved page layouts.

Soda PDF is a suitable alternative PDF editor to Adobe Acrobat, with sufficient advanced features and .

Who is Soda PDF for?


In short, Soda PDF is a handy tool for almost anyone that handles PDF documents or requires a method for securely collating and sharing publications or formal documents.

Yes, anyone that uses, or have used Adobe Acrobat will feel at home with Soda PDF.

However, and fortunately, so will anyone who is just getting started with editing and working with PDFs. 

You see, with Soda PDF you can easily get up and running with a Free plan and have a access to a basic but useful set of PDF editing features from the “get-go” (as some might say). 

BTW: a *full free trial is also available. So, this might be a good place to start and experience Soda PDF in all its glory.

What are some of the favoured benefits
of using Soda PDF?

• Basic Free Entry Level
• Access your PDFs from across any device, anywhere.
• Save on Soda PDF Pro Version

By transforming scanned documents or images into an editable PDF format. Soda PDF will save you time in having to retype any text. 

A good Soda PDF usage scenario is to imagine starting your day taking notes on your desktop home computer, saving your files to Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint or Evernote, and continuing with the job whilst on the move from your iPhone.

How much does Soda PDF cost?

Soda PDF is free if you are just getting started. A free online account will give you access to basic features such as: View, create, merge, split and compress. *try free (*subject to limitations)

For advanced users pricing starts at only *$4.15USD/mo $18.91USD/mo for a Standard Plan. While the Pro plan costs $7.50USD/mo $19.59USD/ mo

*Pricing may vary during special sale periods 


Overall most of us can benefit from using this PDF alternative. It’s packed with capability. Plus you can work across different devices. 

However, Soda PDF hits our zone as a go-to solution especially for busy people on the move. Including; students, publishers, consultants, business owners, and everyone else…