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Enhanced Google Search


Luminar Neo Morph Girl HERO 1200

Luminar Neo

Based on a new AI technology engine that is designed for creative tasks with maximum performance and flexibility. Luminar Neo is a the creative image editor for creators high-quality editing results…

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Bee Pro Email Designer

So from here I’ll pass you on to Kay, who will share her experience with using Bee Pro’s email design software for the first time…

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What is it about Whatagraph?

Software Folder | BUSINESS What’s it like using Whatagraph? Full analytics reporting simplified for agencies and marketing consultants. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter

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Can you remember when you were first introduced to a computer?

I’m sure , like most, you were overwhelmed by just how many different things you need to remember in order to perform what would otherwise be deemed basic tasks or actions. 

Now, how is it? Are you able to navigate around your computer more efficiently? And all with very little thought and effort, right!

Well, as you have gathered, familiarising yourself with both the hardware and software you use for your business is essential nowadays, especially when working remotely or in the creative fields. 

But, which software should you invest in? And how do you know which one is the right fit for you, your temperament, and of course your business?

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