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High Dynamic Range

HDR Photo Credit

What is HDR - paris Seine copy

What is HDR 163 paris Seine 4 edit copy

What is HDR - paris Seine-3 copy

What is HDR - paris Seine-4 copy

© Photos:
Serge Ramelli, philipus (featured image)

What is HDR?

A simple way to describe what High Dynamic Range photography is, is to imagine merging the tonal range of 2 or more photos in order to make a single “detailed rich” final image.

So, for example, a photographer frames his shot and takes 2 to 3  photos of the same subject, however, each photo is set at a different exposure. Traditionally this is known as bracketing.

Bracketing provides the necessary data for a wider spectrum of colour ranges for the photo artist to play with, and therefore able to more readily achieve a highly detailed output.

The example above, by professional photographer Serge Ramelli, demonstrates this beautifully. And together with HDR Merge, photographers can now more readily create highly detailed HDR images to add to their portfolio of work.

HDR Without Bracketing?

Using Luminar software, you can reveal hidden detail within a single image, and all without the need for bracketing.

Luminar HDR Merge

HDR involves the layering of the same photo composition shot at different exposures or other settings and merging them together.

So, for example, a photographer frames his shot and takes 2 to 3  photos of the same thing, however, each photo is set at a different exposures.Traditionally this is known as bracketing.

Cameras with HDR Mode

Now, you may have noticed that some DSLR and smartphone cameras provide a HDR mode that will automatically do this for you. But, you’re a photography and you strive for a more significant amount of control and aesthetics.

Okay, so here is what you do. If you haven’t already upgraded your copy of Luminar Neo, upgrade it now. You may be able to do this directly from the application itself. Otherwise use the button below.

Are you ready? Because this is where Luminar’s HDR Merge Technology comes into play, and all within a sleek and uncluttered environment. And guess what? With Luminar Neo you can merge up to 10 images into a single HDR photo.


More Than HDR Merge Technology

Yes, Luminar Neo does brag many other popular features such as image background removal, sky replacement, and awesome portrait editing tools.

Together with HDR Merge you can extend and enhance your creative photography portfolio and content even further, with stunning images that grab attention and sets mood. REDISCOVER HDR

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