HDR Merge Technology

Have you ever wondered how some photos have that magical ambience of colour and detail?

And no matter how near you feel you get to achieving similar results, you don’t quite get there.

Well the simple answer in this case, is to apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography techniques. Which you can, fortunately, now achieve satisfying results even faster with Luminar Neo.

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How does HDR work?

HDR involves the layering of the same photo composition shot at different exposures or other settings and merging them together.

So, for example, a photographer frames his shot and takes 2 to 3  photos of the same thing, however, each photo is set at a different exposures. Traditionally this is known as bracketing.

Cameras with HDR Mode

Now, you may have noticed that some DSLR and smartphone cameras provide a HDR mode that will automatically do this for you. But, you’re a photography and you strive for a more significant amount of control and aesthetics.

Okay, so here is what you do. If you haven’t already upgraded your copy of Luminar Neo, upgrade it now. You may be able to do this directly from the application itself. Otherwise use the button below.

Are you ready? Because this is where Luminar’s HDR Merge Technology comes into play, and all within a sleek and uncluttered environment. And guess what? With Luminar Neo you can merge up to 10 images into a single HDR photo.

More Than HDR Merge Technology

Yes, Luminar Neo does brag many other popular features such as image background removal, sky replacement, and awesome portrait editing tools.

Together with HDR Merge you can extend and enhance your creative photography portfolio and content even further, with stunning images that grab attention and sets mood.



Camera Highlight:


Panasonic LUMIX

Shoot up to 7fps in stills and produce 4K video. The Panasonic LUMIX offers a High quality 24MP Full-Frame sensor and Dual Native ISO that allows you to produce cleaner images across a wider range of shooting conditions.




Introducing Luminar Extensions

With the release of Luminar Neo 1.2.0, besides the return of the Dodge and Burn tool, Skylum introduces a modular approach for extending the capabilities of Luminar Neo, through the addition of Extensions.


What is HDR Photography?

Learn what (HDR) High Dynamic Range Photography is and how to achieve HDR with a single image.


About Skylum

Aside from winning the 2021 Red Dot Award for LuminarAI, Apple’s Best of Year, “Best Imaging Software” by TIPA and EISA, Skylum has received many other top industry awards.


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